Yoast SEO VS All in one SEO Plugin

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I recently published post SEO ultimate VS Yoast plugin to discuss better choice for WordPress users, but amazed to see that a lot of people are still confused about All in one SEO and Yoast SEO plugin as both 0f these plugins have millions of downloads and a lot of features which make it difficult to take right decision.

All in one SEO plugin is first SEO plugin that I ever used on my WordPress blog, at that time this plugin have great value and million of lovers but with release of Yoast SEO plugin it lose it’s fame as Yoast SEO plugin have more easy interference and many new features, majority of bloggers moved toward new release but still there are one million active users of this plugin right now.

Here we will try to compare features of both plugins so you can make a right decision.

Update: Yoast provides a lot of SEO Features that no other plugin is doing, so I will recommend you to use Yoast for your WordPress blog, unless you have find something special in All in SEO.

All in one SEO Features Versus Yoast SEO plugin Features

All in one SEO Plugin FeaturesYoast Seo Plugin features
  • Generates META tags automatically which is the best feature ever in this plugin to help newbies.
  • XML Sitemap support for Google search console and Bing webmaster tools.
  • Support for Google Analytics.
  • Advanced Canonical URLs settings.
  • Fine tune Page Navigational Links.
  • API support to extend functionality.
  • Automatically optimizes your titles for Google and other search engines.
  • Avoids the typical duplicate content found on WordPress blogs automatically.
  • Fine-tune everything to optimize site SEO.
  • Auto redirect after URL change.
  • Search result preview and optimization tips right under a post.
  • Flag SEO condition with colors.
  • Complete control over all post SEO.
  • XML sitemaps.
  • RSS optimization to protect content from being stolen.
  • Breadcrumbs functionality.
  • Open Graph meta tags.
  • Import/export feature.
  • Connection with Google search console to solve problems right in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Auto SEO for images.
  • Help for adding other SEO data and site verification.

What’s Unique?

Every plugin has its own importance so here are some unique features both plugin offers.

All in one SEO Plugin unique featuresYoast Seo Plugin features
  • Auto redirect feature if URL is changed.
  • Auto meta tags writing.
  • A Little bit extra customization.
  • Help newbies to understood what matters in on page SEO via post SEO analysis.
  • Google search console problem solving.
  • A lot of settings to have complete control over site SEO.

What’s bad?

Nothing is perfect here, below are some Cons of both plugins.

All in one SEO Plugin ConsYoast Seo Plugin Cons
  • Late update of features.
  • Cause conflicts with several plugins and Themes.
  • Cause overload problem in some servers.
  • Security threats.

Users Trust

If we move to users trust we can count it via the number of downloads and users reviews, below are the stats when I published this post.

Download Stats


Here we can see that Yoast have increasing number of downloads each day but overall it have less download as it is released long after all in one SEO plugin which is the only reason for more download of All in one SEO.


You can judge that Yoast have more positive reviews than All in one SEO which speaks its worth.


Yoast is winner here but this doesn’t mean that it is complete as there are many features only available in All in one SEO so you should use the plugin that fulfil your need, for new bloggers I would recommend Yoast SEO plugin as it is simple and easier to use. Don’t use both plugins at he same time as your site may be penalised by Google.

Still thinking! Feel free to ask.

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