Zong 4G vs Telenor 4G vs Warid 4G vs Nayatel vs PTCL – Speed & Quality Difference

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I have used multiple internet services in last few months to find out the best service and then I thought to write about it so you should not waste money trying these services as I did. I used Zong4G for a year, it was good except DNS & blacklisted IPs but when their 50% promotion ended, it becomes hard for me to survive in 50 GB every month. I have tried all of the mentioned internet services and then finally selected Nayatel.
I will tell you Pro and Con for all of these networks, their speed, and quality of service. So you only subscribe to one which best suites you.


Best Internet services in Pakistan


Zong 4G Internet Review

I used Zong for one year and no doubt they have best internet packages and speed but their service and network quality is worse. You can’t open sites like Ebay and Ask.fm without using VPN. Their DNS is quite slow and support is worse. I have contacted their team more than twenty times using Twitter, phone calls, and Facebook, but they never gave me solution for their bad blacklisted IP’s.

They have got good coverage all over the country. YouTube videos Play without buffering but there are many other problems.

Full Speed: 50Mbps  Average: 28-35Mbps


  • Fast speed up to 50Mbps in Islamabad.
  • YouTube videos play without buffering.
  • Good packages and notification system.


  • Blacklisted majority IPs
  • Bad support.
  • Many sites do not open on their network.
  • Slow DNS.


Telenor 4G Internet Review

After Zong increases prices for their packages and my problems got worse, I thought its time to shift to another network. Telenor was considered one of the best network in times when we only have 2G so I thought to shift to Telenor. Also, they have been known to have more prominent Internet market. I shifted to Telenor and guess what? – My decision was wrong! Telenor was no different from Zong. They don’t have as good speed as Zong, also they don’t offer any good promotions. I used Telenor for three months almost. Service & coverage is good but they also have very limited plans. The big problem I faced with Telenor is that their network is too slow with YouTube. Video buffers a lot. You can’t play videos at 360p without buffering. I fed up with Telenor too and then thought to leave it too.

Max Speed: 38Mbps – Average speed: 15Mbps



  • Low Packages cost then Zong.
  • IPs are not blacklisted.
  • DNS is healthy.


  • Very Slow YouTube video buffering.
  • limited packages and no promotions.
  • Bad notification & service system.


Warid 4G Internet Service Review

I was using Warid as a cellular network from a long time so I decided to jump into their services. First I changed my old SIM to LTE supported SIM and then activated small package to see network Quality. I find that they have best internet service, YouTube videos play smoothly, speed is good and IPs are not blacklisted. Everything was good until I come to know that their packages are much limited and very costly then what Zong and Telenor are offering. So I decided to go ahead and try another network as can’t afford so high prices. Here are some of their pros and cons.

Max speed: 50Mbps – Average speed: 45Mbps



  • Fast internet and best quality.
  • IP’s are not blacklisted.
  • DNS and service is healthy.


  • Packages are costly than Zong and Telenor.
  • Limited packages.


PTCL DSL Internet Review

I know what you might be thinking. PTCL is never a good choice and nor seems to be in future. No one will ever recommend PTCL but as I am living in Islamabad so I thought that they might have good service here, as its capital. I called their team and asked for 4Mb unlimited packages charges with all taxes and fees. He told me that it will cost me around 2500 PKR with 2K installment charges. This was the same price I was paying to Zong for 55GB internet but Zong has much better speed than PTCL.

I was in confusion that should I order PTCL or not as I have experience with them and know how much panic network they have. I use to call them more than twenty times every month when I was using PTCL in my village. I also remember when they threatened us to pay 20K bill when we already have paid and discontinued their services three months before.

Max Speed: 20Mbps – Average speed: 900Kbps



  • I don’t think they have any pros except unlimited internet.


  • Slow internet speed.
  • Slow customer service.
  • Slow repairing and problem-solving.
  • Everything is slow here.


Have any Question or Problem? - Ask me on the Forum and I will answer you personally for free.

Nayatel Fiber Internet service Review

I heard a lot about Nayatel from my friends so I thought to check their network too. I opened Nayatel site and started checking their services and charges. I was sure about their quality service as I have heard about them but prices here seems to be bit high and I was limited to use the internet in my home only. Still, I called their service and ask about everything. They told me that I can pay installment charges of 19,000 PKR in installments and these are refundable too under different policies. The total bill including 55GB / 5Mbps internet, Unlimited YouTube & social media/10Mbps, Unlimited Night data, Unlimited weekend, was around 23,00 PKR/Month. It seems more affordable to me. YouTube was unlimited so I got full signals to order their service.

I called the team and ask for installation. The Same day a person from their team came to my house, collected basic info, 5K for installment & first month, and 19,000 security check. After few days, the team called me for installment. I told them to came. The team of three people came to my house and installed everything. They were very professional and hard working. They have done everything properly. Every cable is fitted like that it’s their home. I love the service of those guys. After 1hour my fiber internet was ready to use. It worked perfectly fine as expected.

Their fiber service came with WiFi, Ethernet and UPS preinstalled. They also have customer portal with all the details which make it everything easier for the customer.

Another good thing I like about their service is that your GBs will never get expired, at the end of every month, remaining data will be carry forwarded to the next month. This is the best option I like. This is not like Zong or any other network where your GBs get expired if you don’t use them.

The bad thing about Nayatel is that they are only available in few cities. There are some alternatives of Nayatel too in Lahore and Karachi like Strom fiber which provides more good service and packages then Nayatel but Nayatel is limited to only a few cities.

I am using Nayatel from two monthly and I haven’t faced a single problem yet. This is a good option for people of Islamabad & Rawalpindi. If you are living in another city, then Zong is good in term of cost and Warid is best in term of internet Quality. I don’t recommend Telenor to anyone for now.

Please also share your experience with me. I hope you will find this helpful. Thanks.

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