UBL Netbanking Complete Guide

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UBL is one of top bank in Pakistan providing a lot of quality services to its users, one of their best service is online net banking which enables you to do banking tasks 24 hours a day while staying inside your Home or Office, UBL net banking is a convenient way to do online transactions and it will totally revolutionize the way you use your bank, in past you may have only used bank for saving money and transferring it to others, but now there is a lot more without hassle of staying in Queue for hours, let’s read what UBL is providing in net banking.

UBL Net Banking Features

UBL net banking enables you to do following tasks with its net banking feature.

  • Transfer money to any bank account in Pakistan in seconds.
  • Buy Prepaid cards for your Phone or directly Top up any mobile phone.
  • Pay your Electric, Gas, Internet and all other bills online.
  • Do Fund investment or buy shares online.
  • Pay for Zakat or Donations.
  • Pay for Online shopping sites with few clicks.
  • Order Cheque Delivery to anyone or schedule Fund Transfer.
  • View your account statement, E-Transactions and Balance online.
  • Block your ATM card or request for a new checkbook.

Yes, these all features are available in UBL online net banking, just register for UBL net banking using procedure given below and then start online banking, you can check and manage your online balance and account, you can send money to anyone in seconds, the best thing I love about UBL net banking is its online prepaid voucher buying system which give me comfort to top up my mobile without going to shops.

You can do these all tasks anytime/any day without any holidays, so why not be benefited.

Have any Question or Problem? - Ask me on the Forum and I will answer you personally for free.

How to register for UBL netbanking?

If you are on PC Go to UBL Netbanking site or if you are on mobile install UBL net banking app from Playstore or Itunes and click on “New to netbanking” or signup button, a new page will be open, here fill all the details accurately and your account will be created, after that you may need to verify your email, when you are done with the process you can sign in to start enjoy features.



How to sign into UBL net banking?

Just Go to ubldirect.com and then enter your username and fill the password box accurately, to protect your account, UBL will ask you to only enter few digits of your password, just enter in those boxes which is white and leave rest password, it will automatically verify you and sign you in, password pattern will be changed everytime you login.account pass netbanking

How to do online Transaction?

After successful sign, you will see your balance and complete account overview, here you can click on PAY anyone to send money to someone or click on My Payments to pay Bills and buy online vouchers, for all transactions you need to set T-Pin, T-Pin is temporary pin which have maximum period of 1 month, you can generate T-pin by clicking on T-pin on top of your account and T-Pin will be sent to your registered email.UBL netbanking

Thanks to UBL for creating amazing system for their users with best security and protection system, beware, never give your ATM pin or net banking password to any one, UBL will be not responsible for that, if you have any query feel free to ask in comment.

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