How to Transfer money from Paypal to Payoneer?

transfer funds from paypal to payoneer

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Paypal is the one of best wallet of time enabling you to send, receive and utilise your money safely online, using PayPal you can also get your money directly into your bank accounts.

Payoneer is also one of best payment processor mostly used by large companies to pay out their workers easily, when you sign up for Payoneer they will provide you virtual US bank account, using that bank account you can receive your money from any company or from anyone else directly into your account, it work same likes normal bank account.

In past people use Payoneer virtual bank accounts to verify their PayPal for transferring PayPal money directly into Payoneer, but recently in start of 2015 Payoneer stopped supporting PayPal, unfortunately now you can not send your money directly to your Payoneer account as PayPal require bank verification before fund transfer and Payoneer have stopped working with PayPal, but if you have verified your Paypal with Payoneer before 2015 you can still transfer money into Payoneer, for that you just have to go to your Paypal and transfer fund normally by clicking on send and Receive money. For new PayPal users, it’s not possible still you can use indirect ways to transfer fund to Payoneer.


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Transfer Fund indirectly from Paypal to Payoneer

If you need money in your Payoneer account just move to Payoneer money exchangers (there are a lot of exchanges online) ask them they will exchange Payoneer dollars with Paypal dollars for small fees, but remember you cannot receive money into Payoneer account from anyone unless you have received minimum of 100$ from any US company.

You can also send your money directly into your Payoneer virtual bank account, for that go to your bank and make electronic fund transfer or wire transfer to your virtual bank account, you will receive your money in Payoneer after few days after payment verification.

If you have any other problem in transferring your money, feel free to ask me in a comment, I will try my best to answer you as soon as possible.

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