Top 5 Tech Resources Every Freelancer Should Know About

Freelancing isn’t just comprised of the end-product you make. Our post on Fiverr SEO highlights how advertising your services can take up a lot of work; on top of...

Freelancing isn’t just comprised of the end-product you make. Our post on Fiverr SEO highlights how advertising your services can take up a lot of work; on top of that, you’ll need to meet with clients, organize payments, and the like. You could even go as far to say as every freelancer is running a small business operation in that sense. So, here are five tech resources that will make every freelancer’s life easier.

E-Payment options

E-payment options are now a must for anyone working in today’s digital world. Not only do PayPal, Google Wallet, or similar accounts make it easier for your clients to pay you, but it also makes it easier for you to receive the payments on your end. These platforms can transfer money to your bank account and are also backed up by strict encryption and cybersecurity protocols.

External hard drives

External hard drives ensure that your data is physically safe with you. In fact, hard drives can even be used for more than just backing up your data. A feature on external hard drives by HP cites file sharing as another great use for these devices, especially for sending large files. External hard drives also have faster sharing speeds which means no more relying on spotty internet connections. This makes it ideal for freelancers who work with lots of multimedia files, as you’ll be able to share these with your clients easily.

Spellchecker plug-ins or software

E-mails are part and parcel of freelancing, whether it’s reaching out to clients for the first time or finalizing contracts. Copywriter Annie Maguire suggests every e-mail should contain specific needs and time frames, not to mention the need to remain professional and polite when making requests. There are many grammar and/or spellchecker plug-ins that you can download for your browser, and these will correct your text as you write it. A plug-in that catches small grammar and typing mistakes can help you focus on crafting the message itself.

A USB hub

“Small but powerful” is exactly the phrase to describe a USB hub. This tiny gadget can help you charge all your gadgets on the go, but more importantly, it also provides another way to share files with clients or fellow workers. In fact, bringing your USB hub to meetings and offering it to clients (should they need a charger) can add a meaningful touch of hospitality that also shows that you’re constantly prepared.

A VPN service

CNBC’s report on freelance hacking proves that cybersecurity is big business, and anyone with a digital footprint needs some sort of cybersecurity protocol in place. As a freelancer, chances are you hop around from place to place — this also means you’re probably hopping from one Wi-Fi network to another. Subscribing to a VPN service helps keep your system secure while you’re hunting for your next favorite coffee shop to work at.

Just like any business that needs tech to survive, the right tech can elevate your freelancing career to new heights. These resources ultimately help you work smarter, not harder.


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