How to solve slow Facebook loading problem?

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Facebook become world largest social media site which is used by billions of people, daily millions of people upload lot of images & Videos, which cause too much load on Facebook Servers but Facebook have solution for it and Facebook know how to maintain it, but problem usually occur at our side that Facebook load too slowly without any internet speed issue, there are several reasons for this issue, here we will discuss common issues and their solution.

Common Reason For Slowness

Some of most common reasons of Facebook slowness are given below with their solution, you can try them ti solve your problem.

  • Excessive load on PC.
  • Low Internet connection.
  • You have played games and they stored data on your computer, which cause slowness in loading.
  • You have installed unnecessary toolbars or malwares that steals data and cause slowness in your browsing.
  • Mis configuration in browser.
  • Ajax load problem.
  • Facebook back-end problem.


Solution of these Problems

First you should find problem which cause slowness in FB browsing, after that solve it by given solutions, if you are unable to determine problem then try these one by one.

Excessive load: Try uninstalling extra software’s and reduce number of tabs during browsing, Ram increasing can be helpful.

Low Internet connection: Some software eat your bandwidth and thus cause slowness in browsing, so be careful about non popular software’s.

Played Game or used app: If you played any game or used any app recently, then it may cause slowness in browsing, the best way to solve this issue is cleaning of your browser, just go to history and remove everything including cookies and offline site data.

Unnecessary Toolbars and extensions: Many extensions and toolbars which you do not install yourself but come naturally with any software may cause slowness in your browsing & many of them steal your data, so the best option is to uninstall them, if you are unable to do so, then try CCleaner.

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Mis-configuration in browser: If you have mis configured any thing in browser than try to reset it back or uninstall browser and than install back to solve this type of issue.

Ajax load problem: Some time browser or internet speed connection cause slow loading of Facebook timeline, as Facebook timeline, upload feature work on ajax, they need to be working properly, to solve this problem try another browser or increase internet speed.

Facebook Back-end problem: Although this time of problems occur very rarely, usually when Facebook is updating. if you face slowness in browsing first time, then wait and see if problem is solved or not, if not than report facebook.

Problem not solved, What i do now?

Oh no!, If your problem still not solved, then you should report it to Facebook team, just enter your account and from top right corner click on downed button and then click on report, in detail box, write comprehensive description and then send it to Facebook, after your problem is reviewed, you will get mail or notification about your problem and its solution.

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