SEO Ultimate VS Yoast SEO for WordPress users

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I am doing WordPress SEO for decade and now I know each and everything about it, I saw many new WordPress bloggers in confusion about using SEO plugins as there are a lot of SEO plugins for WordPress and new people remain confused about their use, especially when it come to use of Yoast SEO plugin vs SEO ultimate as both of these plugins are top rated plugin in WordPress respiratory and both of these have millions of downloads, so here is quick compression chart to get started, I will try to tell you everything about these plugins so you can make right decision, remember that you can’t use more than one plugin for the same function as it may cause conflicts and decrease site speed.

 Yoast SEO VS SEO Ultimate

Here is quick compression Yoast versus SEO ultimate.

PropertiesYoast SEOSEO Ultimate
Ease of useYoast focuses on simple and easy use for newbies, when you install this plugin it will guide you through each and everything with Tour.There is not any difficulty in understanding and using this plugin instead it simplifies the things as much as possible. Seo Ultimate is also very easy and simple to use, there are huge documentation and videos available on Youtube.It gives you the power to enable only specific features you need and understood known as modules inside this plugin.
  • Post titles and meta descriptions
  • Flagging Post SEO
  • Robots Meta configuration for each post
  • Canonical for every page including archives.
  • Breadcrumbs feature
  • Google Search Console connection
  • Permalink clean up
  • XML Sitemaps
  • RSS enhancements
  • Edit your robots.txt and .htaccess remotely
  • Social optimization with open Graph
  • Bulk Optimization
  • Clean up head section
  • Webmasters tool verification
  • Category link cleaner
  • Available in your language!
  • Title Tag Rewriter
  • Meta Description Editor
  • Deeplink Juggernaut for interlinking content
  • Open Graph Integrator for social SEO
  • Rich Snippet Creator not present in Yoast
  • Author Highlighter
  • Link Mask Generator
  • Canonicalizer
  • 404 Monitor to know about dead links
  • Permalink Tweaker to edit your taxonomies links
  • Meta Robot Tags Editor
  • Webmaster Verification Assistant
  • Code Inserter into head or footer
  • Available in many languages
Unique Features
  • Flagging Post SEO score
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Cleaning website head
  • Google search console connection
  • Rich SEO snippets
  • 404 Monitor
  • Deeplink Juggernaut
  • Author Highlighting
Support Email support for premium users and WordPress support forum for free users. same like Yoast
PremiumYoast provides many premium modules with premium SEO plugin to increase SEO visibility.Paid SEO modules provided by Yoast are:
  • Video SEO
  • News SEO
  • Local SEO

Yoast Premium SEO Plugin have some extra features like redirect manager and support with video tutorials.

 SEO Ultimate only provide SEO premium plugin which include following features and benefits.
  • Open Graph+ module to increase social visibility
  • A lot of new rich snippet schemes not available in free version.
  • Detailed Training and support.
Security One thing bad about Yoast SEO is its security, in history it goes vulnerable many times giving hackers access to your site. No known Threat.
Speed Yoast activates all of its features at once so you site speed may decrease, but there is an addon with W3 Total cache to boost speed. All the modules are seprATealty activated on your choice so there is less problem about its speed.
Community Trust I read a lot of people reviews on community forums and come with a solution that 90 out of 100 users recommend using Yoast. It also has a lot of lovers around the globe but not too much.
SEO score Will move your site to next level if you play properly. Also, help you to get better ranking.


Nothing is perfect so here are some pros and cons of both of these plugins, might help you to make better decision.

Yoast SEO Pros and Cons


Yoast SEO ProsYoast SEO Cons
  • Easy to use and work with.
  • A lot of features in one plugin
  • Simple and fast
  • Improve SEO ranking
  • Best features ever.
  • Many security threats.
  • No redirect feature if a link is changed.

SEO ultimate Pros and Cons


SEO Ultimate PROSSEO Ultimate Cons
  • The An easier way to choose things you only need.
  • Custom permalinks for all types of custom taxonomies.
  • 404 Monitor is an aweosme feature.
  • Deep internal linking is another plus point.
  • Make things complicated for newbies.
  • Late update of features.

Final thoughts

That’s enough to judge the difference between Dimond and Gold. If we compare Yoast SEO with SEO ultimate we can easily judge that Yoast have better features than SEO ultimate. I mostly prefer to use Yoast SEO plugin even this blog is using it, but I also recommend people to use SEO Ultimate where interlinking and no index type features are required.

SEO doesn’t boost on changing plugins, but it can be better by increasing search bots interaction and understanding with your site, also you should consider other ON page and OFF page factors which affect SEO.

Hope it’s clear, if you have any problem feel free to ask me in comment section.

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