PTCL Router IP

ptcl routers ip

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PTCL routers can be configured easily using their general IP address which is, some routers may have a little bit different default IP address, which may be or

When you type your router IP address in browsing tab, a prompt box will be opened where you have to enter login details, basic login credentials are admin/admin for both username and password, majority of new routers have different login credentials which are printed under router, you can check your router back for more details.

PTCL Router IP:

PTCL router default username: admin

Default password: admin


You can read this post to see How to change PTCl WiFi password? and procedure to change PTCL WiFi name?, also read this post to increase PTCL internet speed easily.

PTCL login

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PTCL IPV4 Address

If you want to see your public IP address just go to google and write my IP they will tell you or just open PTCL router interference page and there you will find your IPV4 address in device info.

Remember that we have dynamic IPV4 which changes after the router reboots.

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