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Many countries have strict rules for getting anyone personal information without his knowledge to keep his/her privacy safe. When any internet visitor is surfing online Google and many ad companies monitor his activities to provide him with targeted ads so Google recently ordered Adsense publishers to add privacy policy page to their website to ensure that tracking of data is in notice of visitor, Google also deny AdSense account requests for users who do not have privacy policy page, so adding privacy policy page to your page ensure that your site is going legal.

For blogs and sites which do not collect any more information except analytics and Adsense cookies can use Serprank Privacy policy Generator to generate privacy policy page for this sites, site owners which collect more information from user should write privacy policy page themselves with complete information about what they are tracking to meet all applicable laws, for normal users below is way to get started with your privacy policy page.


Serprank Privacy Policy Generator

  1. First of all, go to Serprank site and register account, it’s free.
  2. Now go to product page and click on Generate privacy policy.
  3. Enter site details and personal information and click on create.
  4. It will create privacy policy page for you, you can also obtain HTML version of that page.
  5. Go to your site add that page and publish it.


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Other Free Privacy Policy Generators

There are a lot of privacy policy generators available online, but most of them are paid, here are some alternatives of SERP to get more helpful pages.



Tips for adding privacy policy page to your site

  • Remove SERP website links from privacy policy HTML.
  • Always mention PRIVACY POLICY at the top of page or in a footer.
  • It’s better to show privacy policy notice in a floating bar at the bottom for EU users to meet their laws.
  • No index SERP privacy generated policy page to ensure that Google does not add you in duplicate content penalty list.
  • Better is to write your own Privacy policy page with complete details and information.
  • Always write your privacy policy page for shopping sites where you collect user personal details, including name and credit card info.

Hope this helped you, your suggestions and feedback is welcomed. Thanks for reading and must share with your friends.

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