Payoneer payment Under Review or Waiting approval solution

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Payoneer is Global payment processor which help freelancers and workers worldwide to get their payment easily through US payment service, Payoneer payments are processed in minutes but sometimes it takes up to three days to receive payment through US payment service. All Payoneer payments are immediately available to be withdrawn but sometimes Payoneer put a hold on payments and show Payment waiting Approval or payment under review message.


Why is Payoneer Payment Waiting approval?

Due to money theft and money laundering issues, all online payment processors are strict in their rules, same like other companies Payoneer ensures that payments that are processed through Payoneer are legal, Payoneer also sometimes hold & declines payments which are not sent by US companies.


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How Long Payoneer take to remove the holds on Payments?

Mostly holds on payments are lifted in three to four days but sometimes it could take longer, if it is taking longer than usual, contact support team and ask for reason and they will resolve the issue for you.


Payment Verification

Sometimes Payoneer withhold payments bigger than 1000$ and ask for verifications, if you have received money from AdSense account then you have to place a text file on your domain to approve it and if you have received it from another source you have to provide screenshots for verification.


How to remove Hold from your Payment?

If you received your payment from any US company then don’t worry Payoneer will lift hold in few days but if your payment is not by any US company or by any trusted brand, Payoneer may decline to receive it, you can contact Payoneer for more help, also ensure that you have submitted documents to Payoneer and also completed 2 step Questionnaire.

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