Why Payoneer dose not support Private Load and money transfer for my account?

Payoneer not support account to account money transfer

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Payoneer is an international payment processor which provide an easy way for large companies to pay out their workers worldwide, millions of freelancers and online worker use this service to get paid, Payoneer allow account to account money transfer and private load to your card but this service is not available for everyone, as Payoneer main purpose is payment service so it doesn’t allow you to load your Master card from another prepaid card or from another account unless you become their loyal user, so here we discuss who is loyal in Payoneer eye and how to become loyal to be able to load you card.


Payoneer Private Card Loading Limitations

Payoneer currently allow private load for only those cards and accounts which have at least received one payment of more than 100$ from US payment service, i.e from any freelancing company like Fiverr, so you need to get a payment from any US company into your Payoneer account before loading your card, Payoneer also have some other restrictions for many countries due to money laundering and theft issues.

 Payoner private load not supported

Payoneer is not supporting private card Load for new Accounts

Why doesn’t Payoneer allow money transfer to my account?

Payoneer also have same restrictions for money transferring from another Payoneer account into your account, you must have an active Payoneer account before transferring money to your account otherwise Payoneer will give an error.

Payoneer not support account to account money transfer


These all restrictions are necessary for any money processing company to protect thefts, money laundering and black money issues, so make your Payoneer account active before doing these tasks.

For more details about Payoneer Private card loading eligibility read Payoneer Guidelines.

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