Homeshopping Dot PK Scams – Dont Pay in Advance

  This is my story of how Pakistani stores try to loot customers by every possible way. They will do scams, sell low-quality items, anything to make profits. So...


This is my story of how Pakistani stores try to loot customers by every possible way. They will do scams, sell low-quality items, anything to make profits. So here is my experience.

I am a big fan of cameras and always buying something new. Recently I planned to buy a 360-degree camera. After a lot of research, I finally agreed to buy Samsung 360 (2017) camera.

Most of the time I only buy from an international site like eBay & Aliexpress, but due to fear of customs issues, I planned to buy it from a local site. The only site which was selling 2017 version of Samsung camera was

I placed an order on Homeshopping for the camera but I came to know that they do not provide COD, so I transferred money via a bank account in advance. I usually never do so unless I really trust a site. As Homeshopping was in business for a long time so I thought there won’t be any problem, but that’s where I made mistake.

Next day I received message & email from them explaining that they don’t have the item in their stock. I said Okay, refund my money back. They asked me for bank account details and I sent details to them.  (I also paid bank transfer fees which they weren’t going to refund me.)

I thought they will transfer my money back in a maximum of two days, but they didn’t, so I called them and they told me that they are processing. Next day I sent email to their support and they told me that cheque is issued and submitted to the bank and it will take two days more.

I waited for two days more but still no refund. I was really annoyed and angry at their service. I tried to WhatsApp them and they rejected my calls multiple times. I then sent email again and no response for next 24hours. At this point, I realized, no matter how long any Pakistan e-commerce site is in business, they are gonna same.

On Fb Messenger;

I would like to mention that I purchase most of the stuff from eBay using PayPal and whenever I don’t receive the item or I need a refund, it only takes few hours and their process is totally seamless.

Back to the story, after the continuous disappointment, I become sure that they are not going to refund my money and there is nothing I can do. Court?, Consumer court? Pakistani’s have rights but no one takes care of it.

The final thing I can do was sharing my story on social media so someone might help me. I did so and got similar reactions from other people in comments. I checked their playstore and it was also filled with negative reviews.

In the last email, I warned them about police case, so I received an email telling me that they will refund me next day at earliest.

I am still waiting for it.


In past, I have bought a lot of stuff from Pakistani online stores but never paid in advance. I always used cash on the delivery option and it worked fine every time. So my suggestion to local friends is that whenever you buy from Pakistani store, only pay after delivery (COD). Second, these stores mostly make their profit by scamming users, so never trust them. Never trust any Pakistani store, no matter how long they have been in business or how trusty they may seem to be, they will always try to increase their profit by scamming or selling you low-quality items. The problem is not with them, the problem is with us. We don’t fight for our consumer rights.

I have the same experience with Kumyu & daraz but my experience with and were much better.

You can purchase all stuff from Aliexpress and eBay at much lower cost than local stores, so prefer them. At least we can trust them.

Share if you had any similar any similar experience.


UPDATE: Got my money back after two weeks of fighting. This is how it works in Pakistan. BTW no more trust on any Pakistani e-commerce site.


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