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CompTIA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enable individuals working in the IT-sphere to realize fulfilling careers. It offers various IT certifications...

CompTIA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enable individuals working in the IT-sphere to realize fulfilling careers. It offers various IT certifications that follow the cybersecurity and infrastructure pathways among others. The CompTIA certification program also offers numerous vendor-neutral credentials among which are core credentials. These badges validate a variety of skills that range from networking, cybersecurity, and IT support. To add more, the skills acquired are not constrained to the technologies of a particular vendor but are applicable to various technological products. 

One of the popular CompTIA certifications from the core category is CompTIA Network+. It validates an individual’s networking skills. See the sections below to learn more about this badge and find the tips for acing its N10-007 test especially using exam dumps.


CompTIA Network+ Certification

This credential from CompTIA helps individuals to develop a career in the IT field by equipping them with the skills required to troubleshoot, configure, and manage networks. Candidates who acquire the CompTIA Network+ 220-1002 certification demonstrate their ability in performing the following tasks:

  • Designing and implementing functional networks;
  • Configuring and maintaining network devices;
  • Creating resilient networks and segmenting network traffic using routers and switches;
  • Identification of benefits and drawbacks of an existing network configuration;
  • Implementing network security and protocols;
  • Troubleshooting network problems;
  • Supporting the creation of virtualized networks;

Some of the jobs that use the CompTIA Network+ credential include: Junior Network Administrator, Help Desk Technician, Computer Technician, System Engineer, Network Field Technician, Junior System Engineer, IS Consultant, Network Analyst, Network Support Specialist, and Network Field Engineer. To know more, Network+ certified professionals earn annually about $65,000 according to PayScale website. The requirement for attaining this CompTIA badge is to pass its N10-007 exam, which is further discussed in the section below.


N10-007 Exam Details

Well, what you need to know about this exam? First and foremost is that it contains a maximum of 90 questions, which you are expected to complete in 90 minutes. Some question formats that you may find in this test include drag and drops, both single and multiple response multiple-choice questions and performance-based questions. To succeed in this test you need to earn 720 points. N10-007 has no formal prerequisites but candidates are advised to have a minimum of 9 to 12 months’ experience in networking before attempting this test. To register for the exam, candidates have to pay a fee of 329 USD. And note, that the gained certification is valid for the term of three years.


Exam Preparation Tools

What is definitely necessary for passing the exam on the first try is a diligent preparation with the use of varied studying materials. Some useful tools for exam N10-007 provided by CompTIA are listed below:

  • Interactive Labs

Labs provide an environment that is designed to equip candidates with hands-on skills. This way, candidates earning the CompTIA Network+ certification can develop their practical skills for the test and get a deeper understanding of what is required in the exam areas.

  • CertMaster Practice

This is an online adaptive tool that assesses candidates’ knowledge and determines their level of readiness for an exam. Taking the Network+ CertMaster Practice is useful in helping the applicants realize their strong and weak areas. This way, you can work to fill in on the tops that require your extra attention and hence be in a better position to ace the Network+ certification exam.

  • Study Guides and books

These materials are especially useful during the early stages of your preparation when you still have enough time to study. Using these materials will give you the capacity for an intensive reading experience concerning the exam topics. CompTIA offers the books that cover the Network+ exam content and also give candidates the advantage of studying at their own convenient pace. In addition, they are great helpers to plan your time effectively to cover all exam topics.

  • Instructor-Led Training

CompTIA supports both online and in-classroom training for the Network+ certification exam candidates. Classroom training are administered to individuals as well as teams. Those who enroll in these programs have the opportunity to interact and be guided through the CompTIA Network+ exam course by qualified instructors. The trainings are available in various countries in the world through the CompTIA authorized training partners. On the other hand, CompTIA also offers video trainings through the ITProTV. These videos are interactive and are delivered in a talk show style which will keep you interested and hype your excitement for learning.


Exam Dumps

One more way of preparing for N10-007 exam that deserves your attention is using dumps. If you have a busy schedule and can only spare little time to study, then the dumps are ideal for you. You will be able to cover all the areas of the exam in an effective manner that will help you pass your test easily. 

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CompTIA certifications are directly aligned to modern IT job roles. Therefore, obtaining the Network+ credential will definitely pull some benefits on your career. You will have a higher potential for growth, a better salary, and productivity that is respected and admired. Passing N10-007 exam is no longer a difficult task. Prepaway.com has made things easier for you by supplying quality and up to date exam dumps. Visit this site today and obtain your certification fast!


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