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Netflix is one of best movie streaming platform for watching movies and other content with a lot of content on demand, though this service is great to use, but it requires you to pay for subscription every month, don’t worry there is a backdoor way you can use Netflix free for lifetime, not only Netflix but a lot of other services too, so bear with me.

NetFlix Free Accounts

As you all know Netflix provide free trial account for one month as demo which you can use to watch movies & all other stuff, but guess what once you finish your trial and canceled subscription, Netflix won’t allow you to create another free account again but here’s a complete procedure to use trial for lifetime without paying a single penny, it’s working and easy to do, I am using it for many other services too, you can do this with all other services when you don’t want to pay, or you don’t have money.

First of all enjoy your first-month trial with Netflix, if a free trial isn’t available in your country then you can search on Google for countries where trial version is available and then use any proxy service to get the trial, cancel before 3o days to remain safe from charges.

After you used your first trial Netflix won’t allow you to get another free trial with same details, so here comes the logic to use it for free for lifetime, follow me:

netflix free ccount

Get Netflix Free Trial Every Month

You are going to use new details every time with virtual credit cards and duplicate PayPal accounts, here’s how:

First of all, you need a new credit card, don’t worry if you don’t have, just use any free virtual credit card provider to get free credit card, I prefer to use Entropay/Payoneer/ here’s complete tutorial on getting your free virtual credit card, you may have to load 5$ for cards to work, don’t worry this 5$ will always remain in your account and no one will charge it, you can later use this money for buying small stuff from any online shop too, once you have created your virtual credit card go and clear cookies, cache,.., etc from your browser, then open Netflix site and signup for new trial, here use fake details, you can get these details from fake name generators, and signup, your journey begins, start watching movies with new trial and when month is over Netflix will try to charge your card but as you have less balance then their fees transaction will fail, and Netflix will close your account, again get new virtual card in your account, transfer money from old card and then create new Netflix account with same process, you have to do that once every month, you can also play same game for many other services that provides free trial, its also easy to do with PayPal too, just enable subscription at PayPal page and then go back to your account and cancel subscription and start using your service, next time create new PayPal account with fake details and then again subscribe easily, it’s how you can use free Netflix account for lifetime, I am also going to provide you with some free working account, but people are going to change password or Netflix may block those accounts too.

I prefer you to use new PayPal accounts every time, just create new account with fake info, you don’t need to add balance or link it to your bank.


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Netflix Free Accounts & Passwords

We have collected these accounts and passwords from different sources, so I can’t guarantee these will work or not, but above mention method is surely going to help you, you can also try these.

[email protected](dot)com

[email protected](dot)com

[email protected](dot)com

[email protected]sband(dot)net

[email protected](dot)com






This is how you can get free NetFlix, every month, if you like it don’t forget to share or if there is some issue, ask me in comment and I am going to answer you very soon.

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