Here’s How You can easily Install Cpanel/WHM on DigitalOcean Cloud Server

installing cpanel on digital OCean

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Hi, everyone. I recently got one Lac dollar credit for hosting my startup on Digital Ocean Cloud Server for one year. Thanks to Digital Ocean for that.digitalocean

So I thought to move my startup sites there. I prefer to use Cpanel and WHM for managing my sites, it’s much easier and simpler than dealing with codes for every function.

DigitalOcean has simplest and easiest dashboard than any other hosting company, you can install a lot of apps with just one click but still, they don’t support Cpanel which I don’t know why, but it’s easy and simple to install Cpanel on Digital Ocean server. It only takes five minutes.

Install Cpanel/WHM on DigitalOcean

Here’s the complete process. I tried to make it simpler as much as possible but still if something is unclear you can ask me and I will answer you asap.

Creating a Droplet

I hope this isn’t the hard task, but just for the recap, I am sharing it. Make sure you follow it.

  1. Go to your digital Ocean dashboard and click on New Droplet.

  2. Select CentOS in Image Option and in version select 6.9 x64 as Centos 6 is most commonly used version currently.

  3. Choose the size of your droplet. I have chosen 640$ server as per my requirements. You can choose any size but Cpanel also has some requirements which you can check here. You should have at least 1Gb Ram and 20Gb Hard disk, so I guess 5$ server will never be a good choice for Cpanel server as it will consume all the space unless you use block storage.
  4. Next select block storage, location, and other options, according to your requirements.
  5. Add your primary domain in droplet name section as Cpanel require you to have valid FCQDN. A fully qualified domain name must contain two dots and consists of two parts: the hostname and the domain name. E.g: (

  6. Create your droplet and wait for few seconds to receive droplet details in the mail.

Installing Cpanel/WHM

Once you received the droplet details, log in to your server using your favorite tool like putty for Windows and Terminal for Mac. I will be using Terminal as I am using Macbook.

  1. Login to your server. The first time it will ask you to change your password from default to something different, so just simply change it.

  2. Now you need to make sure that Perl is installed. In most of the cases, it is installed. Enter this command sudo yum install perl and it will show you the result (it will install itself if it wasn’t installed before).
  3. Now you need to run this command to install Cpanel/WHM on your server. cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest 
  4. Cpanel/WHM usually takes 1-2 hours to install. So leave it and get a coffee.

Accessing the WHM

To access WHM, just add :2087 next to your server IP and open it in the browser, make sure you open it with https. Browser May show SSL certificate error. Bypass that error in advance option and it will send you to the login page. Use root as username and root password as the password. Remember we have changed the password on the first login.

It is that simple. I hope you have installed Cpanel/WHM on your server easily if you encounter any issue, let me know and I will provide you solution asap. Below are some common problem that people usually face.

Getting Error

First of all, make sure you have CentOS 6 x64. Most users install Ubuntu instead of CentOS which don’t work with Cpanel.

I got valid FCQN Error. What should I do?

You must not have named the server as I have told you above, just simply type your hostname on the command line like this hostname your FQDNFor example, it will be hostname for our server and you are good to go.

The Login is Invalid. Solution.

If you are getting login is invalid with Cpanel, then make sure that you are using the right password and username. If everything seems fine then reboot your router so you can have new and try logging in again with another browser. On successful login disable Cphulk on first to make sure you wont get locked out of your account.

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