Infolinks Minimum Payout Rate, Payment methods & Payment Date


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Infolinks is awesome platform for publishers to earn some extra bucks with others Ad networks, people with small traffic and unapproved Adsense can also use this network to earn a startup income, here are basic info to get started with Infolinks.


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Infolinks Review


Infolinks is one of best ad network with premium publishers, if you have decent amount of traffic from world top countries then you can expect a handsome revenue with them, also they do not have any strict rules for approving accounts excepts some niches where you can not use this network.

Infolinks have many engaging types of ads to boost your revenue which include pop ads and native ads formats.


Infolinks Minimum Payout Rates

Infolinks make sure that small publishers get their revenue easily, unlike other ad company which have higher payout limits Infolinks have very small rate of 50$, in start company have minimum payout rate of 100$ for withdrawals but now they have reduced it to only 50$ for all payment methods except wire transfer for which minimum payout rate is 100$ as there are some fees connected with wire transfer.


Infolinks Payment Methods

Infolinks offers a variety of payment methods to get your payment anywhere in the world, you can withdraw your hard earned money by following means.

  • ACH corporate load for Payoneer
  • Check Payments
  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfers

Date of Payment

Infolinks generally pay on 45 net basis which means you get your payment 45 days after earnings are finalized at the end of that month, it’s more longer then Adsense which pays on 21 net basis.


Why should you use this network?

You should consider using Infolinks because of following reas0ns

  • Number of engaging Ad formats you can use.
  • Tap into the pool of a large number of advertisers.
  • Earn some extra bucks.
  • Simple, easy and good support.
  • Better than other small ad networks.
  • Trusted by world top publishers.


Why should you not use this network?

There are some poor things in this network, which are

  • Low CPC and CPM bids, can’t compare with Adsense.
  • Some Ad formats annoy users.
  • Low fill rate for the third world countries, they only have targeted ads for USA, Canada, UK and some other countries, if you majority traffic is from any other country then don’t expect good revenue.

That’s enough to judge any ad network, I recommend using this network for only small blogs not approved for AdSense and bloggers who want to earn some extra bucks with other ad networks, for others this network will be bad point for their site because of increased bounce rate. 🙂

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