Increase your PTCL Broadband Internet speed easily

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If you are living in Pakistan then your connection to internet may be slow, you can increase and boosts PTCL internet speed by following methods which I will tell you later in this article, there are several causes for speed problem although you have good speed package, most of problems are been covered in this article, so let’s start increasing your Internet speed.

First check your internet speed

First of all, check your internet speed and check that is your current speed matches with your speed package or it is different, if it is lower then your subscribed package then there are chances that you can gain more speed, follow the procedure given below to check your speed:

  1. Go to or,
  2. Click on Begin Test,
  3. Wait for moment and result will be provided to you,


See results and make your decision, remember upload speed is always lower then Download. If you think that your speed is less then speed you have been charged for than read following to see is everything is clear.

Reasons for low speed and their solutions

Following are the main problems due to which your internet speed may be slow.

Bent wires from many places

This problem encounters many times and is basic reason for your low Internet speed, If your PTCL LAN wire is bended from several places then your internet speed will automatically slow, as internet signal are badly affected by these bends, bend may be in Lan, wan or DSL wires, all bends effect internet speed as these bends increase sound to noise ration (SNR) and attenuation.


Solution: Solution for this problem is that, try reducing bends, if you have bends in main Lan wire then ask to your local PTCL management person and give him some money to remove joints and if you have problem in DSL wires, then replace them with new wires, they are easily available in market.

Wire Problem

Some wires also cause speed problem so always choose good and standard wires, Choose pure copper wire for LAN provided by PTCL and cat6 wire for DSL, if you have separate wires, make sure wires have no bent.

Computer Speed Problem

Mostly there exists problem in your computer which cause your Internet slower, if you think that your PC hang on during use or have any other issues, try upgrading it specially increase Ram, for normal Firefox users Ram must be more than 2 GB, other way to boost your PC is by defragmentation, you can also increase your PC speed by removing extra program which you do not use, after all increasing PC speed will increase Internet speed.


Old Modem

Some people have very old modem that make their internet slower, if you also have an old modem refer it to PTCL office for new one.


Unnecessary Programs and automatic updates

There are some programs that automatically connect to internet and start using Internet, thus making less speed for you, Commonly they are extra Toolbars, and ads software’s. Some good programs also have automatic update system, that is also negative signal for your internet speed, programs like Avast automatically updates its database after you have start your PC, if you think any program automatically update itself, Go to its settings and turn it off.

Antivirus problems

Antivirus are also hurdles in Internet speed specially for slow computer, if you have any antivirus installed turn its web shield off as it monitor all of your Traffic and cause slowness to your internet and PC, there may be problem of virus.

Torrent Programs

Today many people use torrent programs for downloading digital stuff but remember that torrent is not server side service it is peer to peer network which mean after you download stuff from torrent it now automatically seeds to other torrent client from your PC, which use your internet and make it slower for your use, so after downloading stop all bundles and close torrent program from windows.


Back end Problems

Sometimes there are problem at backside of PTCL service, so if you feel that all of above mentioned settings have no problem, then report problem to PTCL complaint service, they will help you to increase your Internet speed by fixing back end problems. For complaints call on 1218.

Have any Question or Problem? - Ask me on the Forum and I will answer you personally for free.

Increase Speed

If you think everything is clear but you still need more speed then change your package by calling to PTCL at 1236, after confirmation your speed will be updated in next 24-48 Hours, it will also increase costs. Basic pakages are given below :

1 Mb unlimited Dsl Package : 1200 Rs/month
2 Mb unlimited Dsl Package : 1500 Rs/month
4 Mb unlimited Dsl Package : 2100 Rs/month

Among these there are other charges as well like taxes, line rent,..etc.

Hope this article help you, if I have missed anything help me by commenting, thanks for visiting, share with your friends so they also increase their internet speed.

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