How to withdraw Adsense Income in USA & Germany without having Bank account?

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Now you can easily receive money from your Adsense account in USA and Germany without having any bank account, just create a Payoneer account and it will Give you free virtual bank account for both countries, you can easily receive money in both of these countries using Payoneer virtual accounts, which later can be withdrawn using ATM card or by local bank Transfer.


How to use Payoneer for receiving Adsense Income?


Payoneer is mass payout service which help big companies to pay out their workers easily,  Signup for Payoneer and they will send you an ATM card at your Home address, you can also withdraw money into your local bank account. When you sign up for Payoneer they will Give you a US bank account plus Germany bank account details for payment collection. For s US bank account they provide routing number and account number and for Germany account they will provide your Swift BIC, account number, bank name etc, it include all details which Adsense require, after you got these details you can add it into your Adsense account.


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How to link Payoneer with Adsense?

To link Adsense with Payoneer, go to payment methods in Adsense and choose bank as payment option then add details provided by Payoneer, Google will first send small amount between 1-2$ to verify your account and when you receive this small amount in your Payoneer account you have to put it back in AdSense to verify payment method, once payment method is verified you can receive unlimited payments in your account, it will take nearly 2-3 days to receive payment in Adsense account.


These virtual accounts can be also used to receive payment from Freelancing companies like Fiverr, Upwork, etc but remember that if you receive money from an unauthorized company in Germany account, Payoneer will reject it but for US account, it’s ok.

*Germany bank account details are present in Payoneer EUR payment service & for EUR payment service activation you have to contact Payoneer team.

Hope this guide help you, I will wait for your suggestions, questions and tips in a comment box.

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