How to Rank EMDs in Days with simple strategies?


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EMD means exact match domain site, which have higher power of ranking in search result, EMD are those domains which have same keyword for which people are searching like “free proxy server”, if someone will search this keyword google will focus to show exact match domain in search result because Google think that exact match domain will have more relevant result, so you can create an exact match domain on most of the powerful searches and can rank it in just a few weeks, this is amazing way for fast organic traffic and I have experienced it myself, I have created many EMD sites and have got more than 10,000 visitors per day on each site so you can also implement it and can get a lot of traffic, EMD need very little work and rank very soon without any big effort, it’s easier for beginner’s to start.

First you need to do keyword research and then create a site with little SEO, we will discuss each step one by one.


Keyword Research for EMD Site

keyword research

It’s most important part of EMD site success to have right keywords, so what we need is to find keyword which have up to 10 lac searches per month with less competition, We can find these keywords easily with Adword keyword planner, there are many premium tools for this purpose as well which will ease finding relevant keyword in your niche with few clicks, software’s like Long Tail Pro are famous in Market but they need to be paid on monthly basis, its all depend upon you whether you buy tools or use free one’s,  Free tools require more effort to search exact keywords.

How to Search high paying low competition keywords?

Go to Adword Keyword planner and then click on “Find New keyword Ideas”, here enter any keyword related to your niche and click on “Get ideas”, only add keywords of that niche in which you can do well, then see the keyword one by one, what exactly you need is following:

keyword ideas

  • One keyword with less than 10 lac searches/month
  • 2-3 word keyword is recommended (Long Tail).
  • Less Competition (KC)
  • CPC must be 1$ – 2$ (means less competition)

Once you succeed in finding such type of keyword, you can buy your EMD Domain.


How to buy EMD Domain for EMD Site?

First of all go to Godaddy and search for exact match domain name, if name is available then register it as fast as possible, if not then add slash (-) between keywords to make it available for you, now you can buy your domain, remember if you want to rank your site for specific country then choose country TLD like .us,, .Pk, .in etc because they will get better ranking.

godaddy search domain

Ready Your EMD Site

Now ready your EMD site with quality content, it depends upon you whether which type of site you wanna like to set up, either one page HTML site or multi-pages site on WordPress, so setup your site with as much written content on front page as much you can, content on homepage should be unique, relevant and more than of 500 words, this will boost your ranking.

After setting up your Exact match domain site do it’s on page SEO, which include following factors:

  • Decrease site loading time by decreasing the image size and compressing content, for WordPress you can use w3 total cache to boost speed.
  • Make sure font size is enough to be readable by people with clear site navigation
  • Use SSL, it will improve your ranking but it’s not necessary, you can read here how to get free SSL certificate.
    Offpage SEO
  • Use CDN if possible, it will help you to delever your site content more faslty, read more about free CDN providers for WordPress.


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SEO and Ranking of EMD Sites

seo for your site

Now your site is almost ready, it just need little bit off page SEO and time to start ranking, so first make a plan for backlinks and then start creating backlinks two to three per day, I will always recommend you to have only quality and related site links, don’t create too many backlinks in just one day, it should be slow and steady, for normal EMD site hundred backlinks will be enough but for competitive EMD site you should have more backlinks then your competitors have, so start building backlinks with Guest posts and other manual methods.

Social sharing is also an important factor for ranking, so you should also start sharing your site on social media and force other people to share on their social accounts. Google plus, Facebook & Twitter shares are most important for good ranking.

After doing all these tasks, just track your ranking with free rank trackers like and see your site will be on top of Google result in few weeks, this is my tested strategy and through this I have ranked hundreds of sites myself, you can also start now, its all depend upon your effort and hard work.

Remember that purpose of making EMDs or any other site is to help people, so when you see people love your site content, you will also see a boost in your ranking & Traffic.

This is all about EMD site, it’s not big theory to understand and learn, you just have to be practical, once you have ranked 2-3 sites, it will be just game for you, hope it will help you, if I miss anything or there is problem, then don’t hesitate to ask.

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