How to Get Free Unique Content for your website without writing?


Creating engaging and helpful content for website is hard work as it takes’s too much time and effort to write worthy content, so I got a simple trick for you to get unique content at zero cost without any hard work.

This trick is about getting content from expired domains, yes, you can get a lot of free content from expired domains, just you have to keep eyes on sites which are going down and then you have to stop their content from being wasted.


In my opinion, there will be no legal issue in copying expired domain content as we are just protecting content from being wasted.

How to get started with free content?

  1. First we have to search domains expired in last days, for getting relevant expired domains we will move to
  2. Register on site for advance search options,
  3. Now Search for keyword related to your niche,
  4. Then click on time to get domains listed by last latest expires,
  5. Now copy any of domain and paste it into Google search
  6. Here you will see all site links, as domain is expired recently so Google haven’t removed search results yet
  7. Now click on cache, near to URL of any search result,
  8. Google will show you recent cache version of that site and you can copy all content from that page,
  9. Now just wait for domain being de-indexed by Google, when Domain will be removed from search result, Google will automatically mark your content as Unique and in this way you can get a lot of free content for your site at zero cost, this content will help you to get a lot of natural visitor from search engines.
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Remember that this is easy way to get free unique content, but publish content at your own risk as some content is protected by international copyrights laws and we will not be responsible for any problem that may cause to you.

Is there any other way for getting free Content?

There are many other ways to get free unique written content which are given below:

Guest Posts

Guest posts are common among bloggers, but you can only get Guest posts when your site is showing Good result in search Engines and you have a lot of visitors, once you succeed in bringing Traffic to your site you will see a lot of people bringing content free for you.

Blogging Communities

Blogging Communities can also help you to get good content, just you have to show your site ranking in these communities and other bloggers will happy to give you a lot of posts with links pointing back to their sites.

Always Get unique content for your site that give value to the web, never copy/paste data from another site as you will never see any return for that, do hard work in start and you will see everything fine for you because blogging is just like Business, which requires a lot of efforts and hard work in start.