How to check programs using your Internet bandwidth in background?

internet bandwidth usage in background

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Sometimes internet light seems to be flashing without anyone using it, or your internet works slowly without any live download, this happens when window or some software in your PC are using your internet bandwidth in background, you can check these programs in many ways on window, here I will tell you some easy ways to track those programs and even block them to stop using your internet.

Check Internet bandwidth usage with Task Manager

You can check programs that are using your internet bandwidth in Task Manager and click on network tab, task manager will list all programs using your internet, you can close any process by right click >> End Process. If the task manager is not showing anything then go to start menu and search for resource monitor and open it, it will show you all programs using the internet in network tab. Mostly here are the process codes so they are difficult to be understood by new users but don’t worry you can get a better hand on these process with next method.

programs using your internet bandwidth

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Use Netstalker to easily keep eyes on software’s using your internet

Netstalker is fantastic free tool created for purpose to track programs using your internet, you can download this program from this link and can install it on your PC easily, they also have portable version but beware of ads they offer in program installation. After completing installation open it and you will see all process using your internet, it give better view of programs using your Internet, this software also tell you complete path of software, ports, and protocol that program is using. You can close any process with one click and can completely block it from using your internet again, this program keeps tracking your internet bandwidth, and it will alert you when any new program tries to connect with the internet.

check internet bandwidth with netstalker

This is quite amazing software for beginners as well as for advanced users; you can save yourself from viruses and malware that tries to copy data from your PC or try to install malicious software on your PC.

Hope this article help you, your feedback, suggestions and questions are welcome. Thanks

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