Here is How Easily You can Hide IP Address online

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For people who have static IP address face problem of IP blocking, IP hacking,..etc, Many time forum webmaster block that IP or IP marked as spam create thousands of problem on internet. You may also want to hide IP address to protect yourself from hackers and trackers, so this post will help you to hide your IP address from web designers and hackers and no one can block you online.


3 Ways to Hide IP Address

There are several ways to hide IP address, here i will discuss one by one, these method wary with their use.



VPN stand for virtual private network, VPN are helpful for hiding online identity and IP address, after you use VPN your all traffic will be bridge through third server while using fake IP address. The data that was transferred through third party server is encrypted to protect from hackers and trackers. VPN help you to hide IP address plus online identity.


Some of Best VPN are given below, you can Google them to find more details.

  • Hide my Ass
  • Hotspot Shield


Web Based Proxy

If you are trying to hide IP address from specific website than web based proxy will definitely help you to hide IP address from those websites and will show them fake IP address, you can get more detail about proxies from best proxy blog.

Some free and fast proxies are given below:


Have any Question or Problem? - Ask me on the Forum and I will answer you personally for free.

Use Fake IP Address

Use fake IP Port proxies in your browser to hide your IP address, you can get latest IP Port proxies from Google and way to use them in your browser.


Sure this will help you to hide IP address, if these seems difficult to you then simple is that leave your house and use WiFi or another hotspot in neighbor or coffee shops, as IP address does not travel with you. Have a smile and use it for legal.

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