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Google adsense

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Google adsense

Adsense is one of best platform for bloggers and content creators to earn money from their content, you can earn a handsome amount for your living, when any new blogger joins Adsense he/she have concern that when will google pays and how long does payment take to reach me, so here are complete information for you to know when you will be get paid.


When Adsense Pays?

Adsense need address verification before it pays, when you reach verification threshold (usually 10$), Google will send you a pin at your mailing address, which you have added to your account during sign up, you cannot get any payment before verifying your address.

After address verification you have to enter payment details to get paid, Payment method can be only selected when you reach Payment Method threshold which is usually 10$ in finalised earning, you can choose any payment method from cheque, western union, EFT Transfer, etc depending upon payment methods available in your country.

You also have to submit Tax information if you live in US or country where Tax information is required, you must do it before 20th of month to get your payment in that month


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Finalized Earnings

At the end of every month Google finalised your earning, you can see your finalised earning in payment history. After you complete above steps, you will able to get your payment, Adsense minimum payout is 100$ which means you will be only paid when your payment cross 100$ in finalised earnings.


When Adsense pays me if my earning cross 100$ in finalised earning?

If your finalised earning cross 100$ you will be paid by Google in between 21st – 25th of that month.

After the first payment, you will be paid on 21st of every month, below is the chart to help you understood better.

==> You Approved your Adsense on January 1

==> You accommodate 10$ in your account

==> Adsense Send you PIN

==> You verify PIN

==> You have 110$ Finalised on 1st February  in your account

==> You choose your Payment Method

==> Adsense Send you payment of 110$ on 21st of February

==> Repeats…



Adsense Payment Threshold For other currencies

Dollar: 100$

Euros: ‎€70

Pound: ‎£60

Australian Dollar‎: ‎A$100

Hope this clear, if you still need help, comment below I will answer you in minutes. share with you friends and enjoy your earning.


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