Get Free Permanent USA Number for account verifications

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USA number have many benefits like registration on sites which are limited only to US citizens and other sites which require mobile verification such as Facebook, Paypal etc,  we can not share our personal number on these sites due to privacy reasons so we need an extra number for all online activities, many VOIP companies provide free USA number but they are available only for few months and after that they are assigned to some other one and if we need that number again we have to pay otherwise we will lose it, so why not get free permanent USA number for all of our online activities.

So if you need US number just follow this procedure and get a free number for a lifetime.

Procedure to Get Free USA Number


First of all you need a USA number for 5 minutes to get free US number for lifetime, first number will be used for verification required for free number, so you have to either buy a number from any VOIP company for few hours or get it from any of your relative who live in the USA, many VOIP companies give free number for few months, you can search these companies on Google or buy new number from Skype, it is only required once, once you have access to any USA number follow below procedure to get free number for lifetime.

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Get free USA number for the lifetime?

  1. First of all install any free VPN or use Zenmate in your browser,
  2. After installation complete, change your country location to USA, Zenmate and many VPN have this option, as Google Voice is only available for US citizen only.
  3. Then open any browser and login to Gmail
  4. Go to Google VOICE and click on Get new number
  5. Google will ask you whether you need new number or you will use old one, here select new number
  6. They will ask you to give any other USA number for approval, here provide number you have obtained before
  7. They will make you a call and on that call you have to enter two digit number shown on your screen,
  8. After you verify your number they will assign you a permanent USA number in your account, you can use that number to make free call to US/Canada and also for online verifications, this number will be able to receive voicemails, calls and SMS, you can check your all incoming calls/SMS online.

The number will be free and permanent, but you should remember that this service is only limited for US/Canada citizens and we are not using it officially.

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