How To Get Free SSL Certificate For Your Website?

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ssl-protectedRecently Google announces that it will use SSL certificate as a ranking signal, after that many bloggers bought and installed SSL certificates on their blogs but due to heavy cost of SSL most of them are still not able to implement it on their website.


So here is a very simple and easy method through which you can get 100% free SSL certificate for life time, this free method will charge you nothing but will get you much more than the required security and SSL for your website, so lets continue reading.


How to Get Free SSL?

Free SSL sounds different as there is nothing free but there is a simple way to get you own SSL for unlimited sites without paying a single penny, so here is the simple method that CloudFlare, a famous CDN (Content Delivery Network) company, offers free SSL with its starter plan that is also free.

You just have to signup for Cloudflare and have to move your domain on their nameservers, they will not only provide you free Comodo SSL, but also free of cost content delivery system with rocket speed loading that will surely boost your ranking in Google, if your site is doing well in terms of other SEO factors.


Procedure To Get Free SSL Certificate

Getting free SSL is very simple but you have to wait for 24 hour for its activation. However, in the mean time, your site will still work.

Follow this procedure below to get your free SSL certificate today.


  1. Go to and signup with your real email address,
    cloudflare signup ssl certificate
  2. After signup, enter your site URL in the provided box and click on the Add website button,
    add website to cloudflare for ssl certificate
  3. CloudFlare will scan your existing nameservers and will tell you that what you have to do now, you mostly just have to change your domain nameservers and point it to the servers provided by CloudFlare. After changing NS, CloudFlare will act as a bridge between your website and your server and will hold all the traffic,
    setup website on cloudflare
  4. After changing NS, refresh CloudFlare account and it will show you if you have done it correctly or not. Now we have to perform some crucial steps.
  5. Go to Crypto page and click on SSL, it will prompt you to select the type of SSL you want to choose. The best option here is “flexible”, which mean that the traffic between your site and cloudflare will be protected by SSL but not between your server and CloudFlare, so if you want full security you can choose full option but that requires SSL on server too. However, here as we are dealing with a free SSL certificate so Flexible SSL would be the best for you as it will improve your ranking on SERP, (remember that if you have e-commerce related site where security is the most important aspect, then you should buy a full SSL certificate for your site as traffic between your server and CloudFlare is not protected and it can become a soft target for hacking attacks but for normal bloggers it will be fine.)
    cloudflare ssl certificate type
  6. When you choose Flexible SSL option, CloudFlare will prompt you that you have to wait for about 24 hours after which your SSL will begin working correctly, so you have to wait and in mean time you may see browser error but don’t worry about that, everything will be fine after one day.


This whole procedure might seem to be a little bit difficult but is very simple.

CloudFlare not only provide you with a free SSL certificate but also help you in many ways, it provides you free content delivery network to improve content delivery to worldwide audience, you can also choose minify option to compress your content for faster web loading.

It also protects your website’s security by defending DDOS and various other types of attacks in different manners, so its all about Free SSL that you can use.

Mentioned below are some of the more helpful ways to easily get SSL certificate without using any third party service.


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More Free SSL Certificate Providers

There are several other companies which provide SSL but with certain limitations, so who they are, we have discussed below:


Company NameService
Starcom:Starcom is free SSL service provider but here there are many fees as well, first you have to validate your account for which you have to pay nearly $30, this type of SSL are good for large agencies as once you have validated your account you can create as many free SSL as you want, there are also some disadvantages of using this service like their some SSL do not work correctly and also they are valid for only one year.
Godaddy Free SSL:Godaddy is in relation with many big SSL providers and they provide all type of paid SSL, but there is a way through which you can get free trusted SSL from Godaddy and that is only for open source projects, if you have any open source project you can opt for a free SSL certificate. Simply go to their SSL page and ask them to provide you a SSL, after you have validated your account they will add SSL to your account that you can use.
Trial SSL Providers:Some Authorities also provide you trial SSL for few days that you can use in your small projects, but after that time you have to pay their fees, latest trial SSL providers can be checked through SSL.
Lowest Cost SSL:Some companies also provide SSL in very less price even in 4$ for a year, there is also another hack to get free SSL, that is buy VPS or dedicated server at Godaddy and they will provide it free to you, if you just need SSL then buy VPS using coupon for one month and get free certificate for one year.


Disadvantages Of Using Free SSL Certificate

  • Some free certificates shows error in browser
  • Some people not feel secure when browser show error in security so mostly they don’t buy
  • Except CloudFlare, most of them are available for only one year
  • Can be less reliable and possibly slower.


This post is just written by me when Google news spread in SEO world that security certificate is counted as an added ranking signal, after this announcement many bloggers tried to get a free SSL to improve their ranking but they faced a lot of problems and most of them failed to find a good company which they can use for free.

So I thought to write this post to help you find best companies you can use for your sites, these certificate have no problem when you are using for your general sites like blogging, but if you have an e-commence site where your users enter credit card and other personal details, then it is recommended for you to buy SSL for your website from a trusted company to get protection for your users.


Hope this post helped you, if you like this post then please do share it with your friends so they can also get benefited from this.

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