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Today we all have our own Facebook page and every one of us want a high number of page likes but we all know that getting free likes for our Facebook page is very difficult and have no proper solution except advertising which needs money. So here I will try my best to tell you the ways to increase your Facebook like. These are tips, tricks, and methods that I use myself for getting likes on my pages.

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Benefits of higher Page Likes:

We all knows that there are several benefits of Facebook page likes, behind fame, so here I just show most major benefits:
  • If you have a high number of the Facebook page like, you can share your message with millions of people and can get their views and ideas.
  • If  you have business then it surely will bring new targeted customer,
  • For a normal person, its great fun to be a high Facebook page likes.


Ways to increase Facebook page like

From the beginning of Facebook page history, people tried to cheat Facebook for increasing Page likes. There were many tricks, but now have become Facebook become clever and can easily detect people which try to cheat facebook by wrong methods. But this doesn’t mean you can not get free like, there are still many easy ways to increase likes, which are legal as well.

Top Illegal Facebook page like methods

We are just sharing these methods here for you to tell you, that don’t  try to cheat Facebook with these illegal methods, these methods are:

By tagging one page into another by ID

This was the most common trick which Facebook user used to increase their Facebook like, this method work for years but now it doesn’t work and Facebook can easily detect it and will unpublish your page.
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By using Facebook like bot

This is an easy method for many people to increase Facebook page likes but Facebook can easily detect it and second bot likes are useless, as bots use thousands of Facebook ids and when these ids are banned your likes disappear. Don’t use bots, your reach will die immediately. There are many software for this purpose mostly these software’s are free but there are paid version too. I recommend you that don’t waste your money on these useless software’s.

Legal and easy methods of getting higher number of Facebook page likes

Before moving to tricks and tips of increasing page likes, I would like to share some quality control tips, which you most use before trying to increase page likes using legal methods, so read following guidelines before you move further:
  • Content is king, so create Quality content which people would like to share, as Facebook detect quality content by a high number of posts likes and shares.
  • Write a good description with each post.
  • Try to create your own unique content instead of sharing copy/paste content.
Now  I  am sharing easy free and best methods to get a higher number of Facebook lies, use these methods without any problem.

Like exchange method

Like exchange is an easy and free method to get a higher number of page likes, but it is limited for small page likes, but you can use bots on this site to get real likes, so let’s start :

Just go to Google and search for like exchange website, it probably a difficult to find right one, so I searched a good site and fined

  1. Go to,
  2. Register here, and then go to setting and add your Facebook page URL, for which you want likes,
  3. Now move to like page and like our other people pages, as you likes other page, scores are added to your account, and with lively other people like your page.
This method work for small pages, but if you want to get higher number of likes from exchange sites without liking other page, then try to find any bot or create your one and use them on your site.

Add Facebook page to your website in popup window

If you have a website with good traffic then enjoy freely, as its very easy to get high number of likes without any issue, just add popup Facebook page like box to your website, so when any one visit your website he will like your page and when thousands of people visits, thousands of likes are received, so its fast and free.

Social Like exchange

This method is most common among highest liked pages, in this method admin of one page contact to the admin of another page and says “S4s” which mean like for like, so this is the best method to get good likes without any hard work, all high page liker have done this, procedure for this method is that , first send text about like4like and then both of you will post a eye catching image with link, and that link will point to Facebook like page, in this way user visits other page and both get likes, but this method is limited to pages having likes more then 20,000.

Use Search engines

All of we know that daily millions of people searches on search engines, so if your page will be appear in search engine with a word having searches you will easily get high number of likes, this method is most practicable for pages which have common name, like micheal jekson , we know that there are thousands of pages on single topic ad we want our page to be ranked, so following things can be helpful to you
  • Write lengthy description, as much as you can but should be unique not copied . (2000 words are recommended)
  • Make higher number of post with good text,
  • Make sure you have keyword in your permalink. (URL)
  • Complete about section

If you will do these tips with honesty, I ensure you that you will get ranked in search engine in few month if your page is new, otherwise in days.

Trick to get high post likes, comments and shares with increasing page likes

This is best method to get good likes, higher number of post reach, shares and comments for your posts and increasing Facebook likes day by day, this is best easy method for users  who have less number of likes and have very few post reach, so whats it, lets see

In this method admin of pages post images with description and then tag 50 people, as the image is tagged so image is seen by tagged person and his friends, so you will get good likes, comments, share and page likes as well, we have promoted a page in past in same way and it give us a good result then other methods, so you most try this, weather you have high likes or less,

Try to post some catchy images with unique descriptive text and each time tag different peoples, who have higher number of friends and haven’t hide tags.

Hope this post helped you a lot, I have told you all the legal and most practicable tricks, now its up to you, what you choose, black hat or white hat, keep exploring and share this guide with your friends.

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