How to get Million Free Facebook like on your Page? – Tricks & Hacks

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Today we all have our own Facebook pages and every one of us want Million likes page but we all know that getting free likes is not an easy job and the only easy solution is advertising which needs money. So here we will share some easy hacks to increase your Facebook page likes for free.


Benefits of higher Page Likes:

There are several benefits of Facebook page likes, behind fame. Here are some major, if you don’t know.

  • If you have a high number of the Facebook page like, you can share your message with millions of people and can get their views on that.
  • If you have a business then you can bring new targeted customers.
  • You can advertise other companies products on your page and make money from that.
  • You can send traffic to your site which Facebook has restricted very much recently and make money from that.
  • For a common person, its fun to have millions likes page which he can show to his/her friends.


Easy ways to Boost Facebook page Like

From the beginning of Facebook history, people tried to cheat Facebook for increasing Page likes. Few years before there were many hacks to make million likes page in few days but that’s not the case anymore. Now Facebook got Machine Learning and became so clever that it can easily detect people which try to cheat facebook by wrong methods. So I recommend going the right way.


Illegal Method: Using Facebook like bots

This is an easy method for many people to increase their Facebook page likes but Facebook can easily detect it and second bot likes are useless, as bots use thousands of Facebook ids and when these ids are banned your likes disappear. Also, you want your posts to be viewed by humans not by bots. Don’t use bots, your reach will die immediately. There are many software’s for this purpose, mostly these software’s are paid but you can find free too. I recommend not to waste your money on these useless software’s.

Tip: In China, many big firms use these illegal bots to boost content on Facebook by presenting fake ids as real people and branded content as amazing content. Facebook uses human signal to rank content so people can be manipulate it this way.

Legal Ways to Bring More FB Likes

Before moving to tricks and tips of increasing page likes, I would like to share some quality control tips, which you must use before trying to increase page likes. This will ensure your success.

  • Content is king. Create quality content that people would love to share on their timeline. Facebook detects quality content by a high number of re-posts, likes, shares & other signals.
  • Never copy someone else content and post it back. Facebook ML can easily detect it, and it will negatively affect your reach. You can alternatively watermark images and rewrite the content to make it look unique to Machines.


Like exchange method

Like exchange is an easy and free method to get free page likes. You like someone else page in exchange for like on your page. To get likes with this method use the following guideline.

Just go to Google and search for multiple like exchange sites. I can recommend you, you can use many sites at the same time.

  1. Open Like Exchange site.
  2. Register on that site and add your Facebook page URL in their system. (you can see the individual guide for every site on their site.)
  3. Now you have to like other people pages in return for likes on your page. You will automatically get as many likes as many you like others. You can use fake id if you do not want to like random pages.

This process is lengthy and takes times. Alternatively, you can buy like exchange credits from these sites or from freelancing site at the very cheap rate.
You can also use chrome extensions to automate this liking process and get free likes when you sleep.


Social Like exchange

This method is most common among highest liked pages, in this method admin of one-page contact to the admin of another page and says “S4s” which mean like for like. After they accept the proposal, you both share each other facebook page on page timeline. This way you both get a lot of new likes. This is same as mentioning someone on Instagram in your post.


Use Search engines

All of we know that daily millions of people search on search engines, so if your page appears in search engine for a good number of searches then you can easily attract million of likes for free. Try creating a page on a topic that’s trendy and people search a lot about it. Remember to choose the topic with least competition. Example of this would be drama and serial related FB pages.
You need to know some SEO before you apply this method. Here is what you have to do.

  • Write lengthy page description, as much as you can but should be unique not copied. (2000 words are recommended)
  • Make a higher number of post with a good amount of text content.
  • Complete about section of your page profile.

If you do these things properly, then chances are that you will easily rank higher in search engine, which will lead you to a high number of likes.


Instant Reach: Use tags with every post

Tag fifty people in every post you add on your page. This will lead to higher viewability and hence more chances of likes. But remember people hate tagging so do it properly or they will report to FB and you will get banned. Choose different people every time and keep doing this. You will see instant reach boost.


Add Facebook Widget on your Site

Add your FB page on your site and ask people for liking it. This way you can get very targeted likes on your page for free. This only works if you have enough good traffic.


Have any Question or Problem? - Ask me on the Forum and I will answer you personally for free.

Content Trick: Get Quality content for free

Though this trick is not legal and not recommended, but I have seen pages growing from zero’s to million in days with this trick. Facebook algorithms want quality content to promote and creating quality content requires a lot of effort & money. Why not get it from any other source instead? Yes, many people are downloading and posting the same YouTube content on Facebook which let them make huge revenue and high profile page in very few weeks. You can do the same. Just make sure, original creators don’t find out that or you may get banned on FB.


Getting more like is fun and interesting. It is something you can show others for credibility, but I never recommend doing this. Never put your energies on other platforms like Fb, Google, and YouTube. You never have control on these platforms and whenever they change their policies, you lose everything. Always try to do something innovative and amazing that should generate people genuine interest. This will lead to long-term success.


Facebook recently changed their newsfeed algorithm. Now people see 70% less content from pages then they see from friends and family. Building FB likes have no benefit at all. You have to keep your page updated or otherwise, the page goes dead which is equal to having no likes at all. If you post something irrelevant, advertising or branded content, FB will automatically decrease its reach. So actual purpose of FB page is already dead. If you want reach then you gotta pay to them. This is their business model and they can’t let you win. Share your thoughts with me too.

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