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These days Adsense is at its peak for banning users with minor mistakes, It is very common to get your site disabled by Adsense, sometimes it’s temporary while other times it’s permanent.

It’s easy to lift temporary ad serving ban by resolving all the issues explained in AdSense account, while permanent ad-serving ban sucks.

We all have some important websites and domain we don’t want to lose, permanent ban mostly occurs when one of your sites is violating AdSense policies beyond their bearable limit, in that case they ban your Adsense account, take all the money and disable ad serving on all of your sites, when this happens webmasters are left with nothing, years of their hard work become useless.

One of my friends also got the same issue, ad serving was disabled on his primary site just because he used a sticky ad in the sidebar.

We searched solution to this problem and got some hacks to fix both temporary and permanent bans.

Want to know more about Disabled Ad serving, refer to this guide by Google.

Solution for Temporary ban

If ad serving disabled on only one of your site and you have got notification message inside Adsense account then you are quite lucky, you can quickly gain access of ad serving by resolving all the issues they have mentioned in the message. Once you have addressed those issue, appeal and they will look back to your site and ad serving will be enabled in next 48 hours if you done everything right.

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Solution for Permanent ban

ad serving disabled

It sucks when ad serving is disabled on your long term site or on your valuable domains, your sites will no longer be able to monetize by AdSense whether you use the same AdSense account or a new one. These sites have almost lost their market value but don’t worry we have got a hack to get ad serving back on these sites, this will take some time and effort, but it’s guaranteed to have ad serving enabled back, here’s how:

Safe Method: Change the Domain

If you do care about your site but not about your domain then you can do this, in this case, you will change the address of old site to new one and will redirect old domain to new one, here’s how:

  1. Buy Another domain for your site,
  2. Change the address of your old site to new one and update all existing URLs,
  3. Redirect your old domain to the new one using 301 redirects.

It will some time for Google to index your new domain but you don’t have to worry about anything, your ranking will be transferred to the new site, and ad serving will be fine, remember not to make same mistakes again.

Method Two: Appeal using new Adsense account (risky)

In this case, we are going to appeal Google from new Adsense account, you will pretend that you have recently bought the site, and you don’t know why Adsense in not working, they will check & enable Ad serving on site if they found it compliant with Google policies.

  1. First of all, carefully read emails you have received from Google about ban, find out the issues and resolve them,
  2. Once you are done with that, apply for another Google Adsense account with new site you haven’t used before if you don’t have any other site get one and apply for Adsense with different contact details,
  3. After you get your new Adsense account, monetize any new site with it and start earning more than 25$/week with it,
  4. wait for almost four weeks and you will see Contact option in Adsense, once that button appear, contact the team and tell them that you have bought a new site but ads are not working on it,
  5. They will give it another look, and if they found it Adsense complaint, they will re-enable ad serving on site within next 48 hours,
  6. You can now monetize your old site again. Same you can do for other sites too, but do it carefully if they got any issue with your sites they will ban all of them again.

Method Three: Iframe (Not risky but not allowed too)

If first two tactics don’t work for you then you can use iFrames, I have seen number people using them for years, and they aren’t getting any ban although Google official guide about iframe restrict publishers to use iFrames but believe me they are not going to ban you only for this reason. Iframes will increase page load time and consider as negative SEO factor but still you can use them to earn money from banned sites. Just add code on fresh site which is enabled for ad serving and then make a frame of that page and use it on disabled site, do this at your own risk.

This how you can re-enable Ad serving, the same way my friend did. I wish you good luck, if you got any success, don’t forget to share with me too and also share this tutorial with your friends, you know many of blogger and webmasters want to have this information.

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