Find your lost or stolen Android Phone from PC?


If you ever lost your Android phone or Tablet, don’t worry, you can locate your phone easily by typing “find my phone” on Google from any android device, you only need to have same Gmail account on both devices and Internet connection, if your phone isn’t connected with the internet, Google will show last location of phone when it was connected to the internet.

Google recently announced its new service through which user can find their lost or stolen mobiles, this service increased dependence of people on Google, although this service is not new in market, already many companies are providing this service with data erasing facilities, but still people admired this service as many people find it more simple and comfortable than other companies.

If you also lost your phone or just you are experimenting this service, follow below procedure:

  1. First you need to have Google App installed, you can install it from play store
  2. After installation log into Gmail account on your phone, if you have are signed out
  3. Then go and also log in to same Gmail account from your desktop PC or Laptop
  4. Now Go to and type “find my Phone”, Google will show you map of your phone. You must have enabled Google location service on your phone for a locator to work, if you need to get exact location then enable GPS on your phone before searching, for more details about this service visit Google Find my phone help page.


This service eases your searching, but this type of technologies might reduce human efficiency in future as people will start depending more on machines than their own.