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After attending few free startup related session from Founder Institute in Bahira and Air University, I thought to jump into their four-month long course. Entrepreneurship was always in blood and this was the opportunity to cash. I was too much much busy with other stuff that I have decided more than ten times either to Go or not and finally decided to join the course.

After filling signup form I was given a special tough test to check my abilities. I never tried those mathematical questions before as I hate math in my class but don’t know why I solved all those without any preparation. Maybe they were interesting. I haven’t prepared for the test nor I thought that I could be selected. Next Day I was surprised to see acceptance letter. I was glad that I have passed a test without any preparation. It doesn’t mean that test was easy, you can see an example question below. (According to FI, this test is specially made by professionals to check person Entrepreneurship DNA)

FI Test Question.


FI certificate

My acceptance letter.

I paid fees of 330$ for four months and waited for the classes to start. Classes started after few days. People and environment were quite impressive and I enjoyed all the time there. They always got the best mentors for our class and that was the reason I learned a lot from there. The bad thing was their assignments as I was busy with a lot of other stuff. Assignments were mostly practical like meeting with professionals or asking the public for the company name. It was hard for me to do assignments with my daily routine tasks but somehow I managed to do them on weekly basis.

The best thing I like is our Group meeting. we were divided into groups and directed to have at least two meetings per week. This was another plus point to learn from classmate experiences and have a real business opportunity with them.

The four-month passed away, we matured our idea, completed testing and now we are heading to our Graduation ceremony. It was a great experience to join founder institute.

I am writing this blog as it was part of my last assignment but it doesn’t mean that there is any influence on my thoughts or what I have written.

Founder Institute course was quite demanding. More than half of class left before graduation so I recommend you to only apply if you think you are capable enough.


Our Companies

Out of sixteen, six were left at the graduation ceremony. Below are details of Graduates with their company details. (Note projects are not yet ready, we have just finished the stage to jump into real work).


GharAsan Pvt Ltd

CEO: Umar Usman Uppal

Designation: Experienced Project Manager, Solution Architect

Startup Description: GharAsan aims to make home development easier for people, by providing them all the support, connecting them with Builders and helping them find the right material for their project.


TripPak Pvt Ltd

Name: Hamza Ahmed (Me)

Designation: Freelancer, Blogger, Developer and Marketer.

Startup Description: PakTrip is creating a Social Travel Platform to help Travellers easily search, compare and book Travel packages from hundred of Travel companies in a matter of seconds.



Instasell Pvt Ltd

Name: Saad Ali

Designation: Marketing Guru

Startup Description: Instasell wants to make it easier for small business to make their online shop and get hassle free payment solutions.


T-admen Pvt Ltd

Name: Habib Afzal

Product name: Mobileup

Designation: Outdoor Advertising Expert

Startup Description: Mobileokay is a Mobile app which will help people cut their mobile phone bills by giving them free packages and offers. In return, they will show some intrusive and interactive ads.


CodeGenie Pvt Ltd

Name: Ahmad Hassan

Designation: Software Developer

Startup Description: CodeGenie is a cloud-based software that automates the task of the website and mobile app development.


Have any Question or Problem? - Ask me on the Forum and I will answer you personally for free.

Retailiacs Pvt Ltd

Name: Saeed Shami

Designation: Software Developer

Startup Description: Its cloud-based POS solution for small shops. it will help them manage their inventory and other tasks from their mobile phone easily and simply.


Our Directors

We are thankful to our very helpful directors who spent their valuable time and made a lot of efforts to help us grow. Our directors were:

Our mentors helped us learn things which we can only learn from years of struggle. We Thank them for their efforts. They helped us without any direct compensation. you can check FI Islamabad mentors here.


We are working hard to build long lasting valuable companies which may not only generate huge revenue but also help masses.

I hope you find this article interesting. your suggestions and feedback on ideas are welcomed.

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