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It’s hard for new advertisers to optimize their Facebook ads so they can take maximum benefit out of them. Here are Some Golden nuggets for facebook advertisers and businesses depending solely on facebook advertising for sales like drop shippers.


Which Type of Targeting are you selecting?

Remember that just selecting a “Conversion” campaign objective doesn’t mean your ad set’s delivery will be optimized for conversions. You have to choose the conversion you care about in the dropdown of the “Conversions” section of ad set creation, and then select Conversions in the dropdown of the “Optimization for Ad Delivery” section.


Provide Maximum Data to Facebook

Learn the importance of data. Provide FB with as much data for each of your ad sets as possible. All our other advice stems from that, so focus on getting it right first. What kind of data?  Conversions. At a minimum, your ad set needs to be getting 15-25 of the conversions it’s optimized for per week to have a chance at success. 15-25 is only a bare minimum. 50-100+ is ideal.

If your ad set can’t get at least that many conversions, optimize for a more commonly-occurring conversion instead. For example, if the purchase event doesn’t happen 15-25 times per week for your ad set, try optimizing for “AddToCart” or another, a higher-funnel action that does.

If none of the conversions you care about to happen that often, try optimizing your ad set for something besides conversions.

If you’re highly confident in the quality of your target audience, try optimizing for impressions (if you don’t care if a given person in your audience sees your ad multiple times a day) or reach (if you only want to reach a given person in your audience with one ad per day)
If you’re targeting a broad audience, try optimizing for link clicks.

Neither of these strategies is ideal, but could still lead to conversions. If even they don’t work for you, website conversion campaigns may not be a good option for you right now.


Understand How Facebook Feeds Work

Understand how the newsfeed work. Ads are based on signals and strongest signal win. The newsfeed is the heart of facebook. This is how facebook decides what to show first to which user.

Because News Feed is designed to serve up the stories most relevant to each person, the ones most important to each person should appear higher in his or her News Feed than other content. Among the things FB look for are the various types of “signals” that indicate how authentic, timely, and relevant each story is to the person. The stronger these signals, the higher a post should appear

– Personal signals: This assesses how close people are to the person or Page that has shared a post and is determined by signals like how many times someone has interacted with the poster.

– Universal signals: The number of Likes, comments, shares and other engagement metrics that a post has drawn.

– Real-time signals: If a critical mass of people on Facebook engages with a certain topic, or if a post from a Page is getting lots of reactions, facebook infers in real-time that the topic or Page post might be temporarily important to followers at that time.


Analyze your Competitors

Try to analyze your competition. See what works and what doesn’t work that good for them. Analyze what type of people are liking their pages, more females or more males are interested, their age. Look at their posts, read some of their articles that are having good engagement, also read some with low engagement. Try to figure out why some of their posts are getting more engagement than others.

Also, the image is a very important feature of an ad. Figure out what will attract attention and clicks depending upon type of audience.


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Use Audience Insight Tool To Get More Data

Use audience insight tool within facebook. That is best for research phase. You can check the audience size for a specific interest and their affinity scores and preferences according to the niche. You can then target them. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Use tools like whichadworks to improve your creative. 70% game depends on the content and creative, you can also use GradeMyAds to find out which add work best for you.
  2. Use facebook flex targeting framework and take ideas from AdWords for broad targeting on facebook.
  3. Just in case if you don’t know. Graph search is the search bar on the top of your profile. use keywords like Pages liked by people who like fashion. Then keep on adding and as long as you don’t get the narrowed interest.
  4. Pages liked by people who like fashion and e-commerce.
  5. Pages liked by people who like fashion and e-commerce and online buying. ETC.


Tip: Use Emotional & Humor content in your ads to boost shares and organic reach.

At times there will be no results to show, so just keep tweaking the keywords and sooner you will see sales coming in.

Hope you find these tips helpful, share your suggestion and methods that work for you.

Happy Advertising!

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