Easy Method to Extract & Save Music From Spotify to your Local Storage

Who don’t love Spotify!  Spotify is really good for its large music library, amazing playlists, and world class music discovery. Spotify gives you too much...

Who don’t love Spotify!  Spotify is really good for its large music library, amazing playlists, and world class music discovery. Spotify gives you too much flexibility when you pay but if you don’t pay you will lose most of the controls like playing song of your own choice, forward/backward feature and especially offline music feature which is the one we need the most when we go in area where internet signals are weak or our data package exhausts.

Spotify doesn’t let you download music to your phone in a normal way even when you use paid subscription. The music is stored in an encrypted format which other players can’t detect and play but there is a simple hack using which you can extract any song from Spotify into the usual player and play it whenever you want.


How to extract Song From Spotify?

I have searched a lot a tried a lot of methods. The best method which works for me is recording internal audio on your PC or phone. There are multiple free apps which let you record internal device audio and then save it. It will take time for sure but you will get highest quality music without any noise or any other problem.


Extracting Spotify Music on Mac

You just need to install any software which can save internal audio. There are many software’s including Audacity, Soundflower, Camtasia and Audio Hijack. Best UI is provided by Audio hijack. It’s free for recording voice up to 10 minutes. Just install it, launch, play Spotify music and record. You will have to wait until song finish and you are done. You can then extract the file in .mp3 or any other format.


Extracting Spotify Music on Window

On Window, Audacity is recommended. Although there are many other software’s you can use to extract device audio. Audacity is free but its layout is a little bit boring.


Extracting Spotify Music on Android

On Android, you can use A-Z screen recorder to record screen and audio at the same time. Later you can extract a song from video using any video to audio converter.


Extracting Spotify Music on iPhone

You can extract Spotify songs on iPhone using Air Recorder. Its free app available on AppStore. Just download, launch, play music and record.


Using these techniques you can not only extract songs from Spotify but also from a lot of other apps. You can also extract podcast, radio music and anything else playing on your screen. I hope you find this guide helpful. Share it and let me know if it worked for you.

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