How to create your own Entropay virtual credit cards?

entropay credit card

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If you have to pay on shops you don’t trust or you card is declined by payment processor then you can use Entropay to pay money on those sites. Entropay is a best online virtual card provider using which you can get your own free Visa virtual credit card that can be used for every type of purchase, best thing about Entropay works every where so here is a simple way to generate your own free virtual card.


How to create your own free virtual credit card?

Creating your card is simple just follow procedure

  1. Sign up on Entropay
  2. Verify your account by email
  3. Login to account & Click on get new virtual card
    Virtual credit card entropay
  4. Enter your current credit card number to top up your virtual card, a minimum of 5$ top is required and the maximum of 20$ can be added to non-verified accounts.
  5. After payment is done you can see your virtual credit card details.


Have any Question or Problem? - Ask me on the Forum and I will answer you personally for free.

How to verify Entropay account?

Verification is simple and easy, just you have to provide a copy of your bill and id card and they will verify it in less than one hour, after that your payment limit will be raised.

To verify your account click on upgrade and verify it by uploading and submitting them.


How to top up virtual credit card using bank account?

You can top your Entropay card by bank transfer for that click on Top up and then choose bank as payment, they will give you details where you have to send money. bank top up will take three to four days.

top up virtual card by entropay

Is using Entropay for large payments is safe?

I have many successful transactions for small payments but I have seen some people claiming that their payments are frozen by Entropay and they have lost thousands of dollars so I recommend you that don’t use Entropay for larger payments than 100$.

Alternatives of Entropay

Neteller: is one of trusted online virtual credit card provider, you can use it without any problem, Its simple, easy to use and is more secure then Entropay.

Can I use virtual credit cards on Facebook and Google?

No, don’t use virtual credit cards for Facebook advertising and on Adwords, they will ban your account because of a large number of spammers using virtual credit cards.

I recommend you to only use virtual cards on the shops which do not accept Paypal and are not trusted, as most of the sites will ban your account due to mismatch of your country and credit card.

If you face any problem with Entropay feel free to ask in a comment.

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