Free & Easiest Way to Crop Your Videos using Movavi Video Editor

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In some cases it may be obvious how cropping a video could make it look better – such as when there are black horizontal or vertical bars surrounding the video. However, in other cases, it can help as well, due to the fact that cropping a video will allow you to directly adjust its frame and alter the manner in which it emphasizes various elements.

That may sound fairly complicated, but the first thing you need to know is how to crop a video. The good news is that part is easy if you use Movavi Video Editor, and you’ll be able to crop any video that you like – even if it is your first attempt.


How to Easily Crop a video with Movavi Editor?

The first thing you should do is launch Movavi Video Editor and select the ‘Create a project in full feature mode’ option to open the editor itself. In the editor, you should then click on the ‘Add Media Files’ button and select the video you want to crop.


The video you selected will appear in the ‘Timeline’, and in fact, another way to add videos to Movavi Video Editor is to drag and drop the file into that area. In any case, you should now click on the video in the ‘Timeline’ to select it, then click on the ‘Crop’ icon located in the row of icons right above the ‘Timeline’.

After the ‘Crop and Rotate’ tool appears, you should see a frame of broken white lines on the ‘Preview’ window to the right – in a three by three grid. To crop video all you need to do is resize that frame to set the new frame that you desire, and Movavi Video Editor will crop any parts that are outside it.


The three by three grid itself can be a helpful guide when you crop your video using Movavi Video Editor, as you can use it to improve the composition of your video. Try to align important elements in one third or using the gridlines or intersection points in order to make them more prominent.


If and when you’re satisfied with the frame in the ‘Preview’ window, click ‘Apply’ to finalize it – effectively cropping the video in the process. After that, you can click on the ‘Export’ button and select the format that you want Movavi Video Editor to save your video in.


Instead of saving your video immediately, however, you should make it a point to try the other features in Movavi Video Editor. Not only could you cut and join videos, enhance the video quality, and apply special effects or filters – but it will also allow you to add captions, insert animated transitions, include audio tracks, and more.


As you try cropping your videos in different ways, you’ll slowly start to see just how potent it can be. By being able to crop as well as edit your video in other ways using Movavi Video Editor – you’ll be able to come up with the impressive and professional-looking content of your own.

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