How to Get Files from Others Directly In Dropbox without Sharing Login Details?

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Are you an organizer at an event management company who want workers to send decoration ideas and concepts? Or, a teacher who need students to submit assignments and homework in one place?

Look no further because here we have the most reliable solution that supports large file sizes, variety of file formats and does not require you to organize the received files.

The solution is Dropbox file request feature.

And what’s the plus point is that you won’t need to share your login details to receive files in Dropbox.

If you have a Dropbox account then enabling the file request feature will allow you to receive any number of files from anyone, whether they are a Dropbox user or not. It is one of the most ideal method to receive a collection of files, from hundreds of people, and organize those files automatically in different folders.

Using the Dropbox file request functionality, you can receive files in Dropbox from others directly in your Dropbox account without sharing the login details. To do so, follow the detailed tutorial posted in the next section to receive files from others.

Please keep in mind that the file request folder will be private and can only be readable by you, but just like any other Dropbox folder, you can share it later with whomever you want. Additionally, the maximum file size supported by the file request feature is 2GB for Basic account holder, whereas the Pro and Business account holder can request files of up to 10GB in size.

How to Receive Files in Dropbox Account from Others?

To make it easier for you to follow the instructions, this section has been divided into two parts:

  • First Part, which is for the file receiver, who will be generating a file request link through their Dropbox account.
  • Second Part, which is for the file sender, who don’t have an access to Dropbox account and will upload files using the file request link.

First Part: How the File Receiver Can Generate a Dropbox File Request Link

Step #01 – Sign-in to your Dropbox account by accessing the Dropbox website through the web browser.

Step #02 – Once logged in. On the left-hand side menu, you will see an option named “File requests”. Click on it to access introductory file requests page.


Step #03 – On this page, you will see a “Create a file request” button. Click on it to open a create file request dialogue box.


Step #04 – The create file request dialogue box consists of two fields. In the first field “What are you requesting”, you have to enter a name for the folder where all your requested files would get stored. And under the second field “Where should these files go in your Dropbox”, you would need to select a location within your Dropbox account where a new request folder would be created. Once filled, click on the “Next” button.


Step #05 – Dropbox will now create a unique shareable Dropbox URL specifically for this file request. Also, an email should be sent to the email address associated with your Dropbox account informing about the creation of a new file request and an option to preview your request.



Now using a “Send file request” dialogue box, you can share the URL with your contacts from whom you are requesting files in two simple ways, by either copying the URL then sending it to your contacts or by typing the email addresses of your contacts.

If you are planning to send a file request to multiple contacts then Dropbox even provides you with the ability to import your contact’s email addresses from three of the most popular sources:

  • Gmail,
  • Yahoo Mail, and
  • Facebook.


Furthermore, you can also add an optional message along with your file request.

When you are done, click on the “Send” button to send a request link to your contact’s email addresses.


Step #06 – Your contact will now receive an email from Dropbox along with your personalized message as well as a file request link through which your contact can upload files to your Dropbox account.

The tutorial in the next section is for the person whom you are asking to send the files to you so that you can receive files in Dropbox.

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Second Part: How the File Sender Can Upload Files to Dropbox

Step #01 – Clicking on the “Upload files” button link embedded in the email message will redirect the user to a web interface from where the files can be uploaded by clicking on the “Choose files” button.


Step #02 – Once “Choose files” button has been clicked, the web interface will ask the user to select files to be uploaded.


Step #03 – Once the files has been selected, the interface will automatically change to show the number of selected files along with its accumulated file size.

Also, it will ask the user to enter his/her first name, last name and email address in order to successfully complete the uploading process.

Fill all the required fields and then click on the “Upload” button to complete the process.


Step #04 – A thank you page will be displayed and a confirmation email notification will be sent to the entered email address once the uploading process has been completed successfully. Furthermore, the same email notification will also be sent to the receiver’s email address to inform them about the file upload and to confirm that they have receive files in Dropbox.



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