Difference between Swift BIC, IBan, Routing ABA and Bank Account types

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In banking system there are few codes to recognize the real owner of account, those codes are Swift BIC, Iban and some time reference numbers, so after large research i found what these things are and what is difference between them.

Swift BIC or BIC

Swift BIC or BIC both are the same thing used for recognizing bank branches, these are not secrets and available for every one, swift BIC tell central bank that in which branch account of that person is located, every branch have its own specific code in number or letters, first letters tell about city and last letters about bank location.




IBan (International banking account number) is account number generally used to recognize account personally, in most of countries bank provide Iban number to its user for receiving money in their account.

Routing Number / ABA

Routing number is 9 digit number used by US banks to identify financial institutions, ABA number is used for electronic automatic clearing houses (ACH) for online transfer and paying bills. Your ABA number may be differ from your routing number but mostly it is same as routing number.


Account Type

There are generally three main type of account, these are

  • Checking
  • Saving
  • Business


Checking Accounts

Checking account is simple account used for normal bank activities, bank charges are applied.

Saving Accounts

Saving bank account are those account in which people earn money by placing money in there account for more then month, six month or for year, this is generally interest based money which bank gain from people who take loan from them, it is not legally allowed in many religions like Islam.

Business Accounts

Business account are used for business purposes like debits, loans etc.

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