How to create your own Gaming Site to earn money easily?

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Games sites can help you to earn big more than you think without any hard work, you just need a hosting and domain with small effort to start earning, in this Guide we will discuss each and every aspect of Game site from begining to Advance including way to rank website easily.

What will this include?

  • Keyword Research
  • Domain & Hosting
  • Creating Game Site
  • Ranking Game Site

What knowledge you need?

  • Buying & Managing Domain and Hosting
  • WordPress Basics
  • Basic SEO

Keyword Research for Gaming Website

First of all we have to do keyword research on words people search for, so just open Google Adword Keyword planner and start searching for Game keywords, always consider the following things in your keyword research.

  • Game Searches not more than one lac
  • Less Competition
  • CPC between 50c – 2$

After you have searched for your keyword go and register related Domain from any domain registrar like Godaddy which will give you a domain for just one dollar.

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Setting up Gaming Site

arcade plugin

Buy Good WordPress hosting and point your domain to hosting server and then install WordPress on it, after installing WordPress get a good WordPress arcade plugin, there are many arcade plugins for WordPress, a paid My-Arcade Plugin is amazing with 70000 Games to add in your site, so buy it from store or download any free one from WordPress plugin Respiratory, this plugin will also provide you Gaming theme for your site so your site look like a Game Site, after installing this plugin fetch and publish Games which is simple process, you can get more info from plugin documentation.

After fetching Games, write unique content with each Game of 200 plus words and remove difficult content to avoid the duplicate content penalty of Google..

After that do SEO for your site like Guest posting, backlinks from related site and constantly update your site with new games, also make sure that site got fame on social media, its important for success, if you work constantly, in few weeks you will see your site ranking on Google and after few month you will be able to earn revenue from your site which depends upon your hard work.

You can start your own Gaming site network with little effort and can earn a lot of money from it, Gaming sites are easy to handle and manage so start creating your own Gaming sites. 🙂

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