How to Change PTCL WiFi Password Easily?

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Learn the way to Change PTCL WiFi Password Easily at home using

PTCL is currently one of most used broadband in Pakistan, a lot of new internet users have difficulty in changing default password, mostly default password is hard to remember and if password gets leaked you have to change it or otherwise you will lose all of your internet bandwidth, so here is the way to easily change your PTCL WiFi password.


Change PTCL BB Wifi Password

  1. First type in your browser tab, if nothing appears try changing to or
  2. Enter default username and password which is admin and admin respectively, if you have failed login then you have to check username and password under router as some new PTCL routers have different authentication details.
  3. After login you will see a complete router interference, all router models have different interference but mostly all things are same.
  4. From the right menu click on Wireless and then click on security.
  5. On the security page Go down and where there is WPA/WPAI passphrase replace it with your new password and click on apply or save button.
  6. For some router settings will be changed after saving and for others it will work after a router reboot.

Using this simple way you can change your WiFi password, after changing password just go to your WiFi on PC or mobile and right click on your wireless name, then click on forget and then connect again with new password as some people told me that they are not able to connect to WiFi again after changing password so do this step before connecting, if you have any other problem do not hesitate to ask in comment.


How to Change PTCL WiFi name?

To change PTCL WiFi name Go to wireless settings from menu and in SSID section replace the old name with new one then click on Apply/Save button for changes to take effect, you may have to reconnect to WiFi.


Note that you can not alter WiFi name in some old PTCL modems, but the majority of new modems supports name change.


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What can I do more using PTCL router interference?

Apart from changing your password you can also check a lot of other details about your internet connection, some of the helpful tips are given below:

IP and internet speed: You can also check your IP and Internet speed using router interference, for checking that just click on Device info and details will be in front of you, you can see internet speed (Line rate – Downstream) and IPV4 address as your IP.


Internet Quality: to see how much stronger your connection is, click on Device info >> Stats >> Adsl >> and on that page you will see attenuation and SNR margin, higher the value is lower will be internet connection quality.


Rebooting your PTCL router from PC: you can also reboot your PTCL router from this page, for that click on Managment >> Reboot and the restart your router by clicking reboot button.


There are a lot of other things on this page which include problem diagnostics and setting up 3G USB, don’t change settings unless you properly know what they are, as sometimes internet stop working because of the wrong configuration.

Hope this helped you, thanks for reading, for more help visit PTCL website.

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