Buy more Domains from GoDaddy in one Dollar coupon

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Godaddy is the best domain registrar with millions of domains registered with them, the biggest thing with Godaddy is that you can register domain in one dollar or even less which is not possible with other registrars, but Godaddy at this time only allow you to buy one domain in one dollar coupon, if you want to buy more domain then you have to pay full fee of fifteen dollars, but here are few simple hacks to buy as many domain as you want in one dollar coupon.


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Hacks to buy more domain in one dollar

There are three simple hacks to buy more domains in one dollar each, first and second are not guaranteed, but the third one will surely help you to buy more domains in one dollar and that require little effort.
First and second hack work in only a few cases, so you should try them too, as I have tried them myself and have got success.

First hack for buying more domain


First hack is simple, just you have to try different Coupons, there are hundreds of sites which provide coupon codes, so go to them and try their coupon one by one, some coupons will surely work for you, as I have experienced it myself, also you can use a little bit costly coupon like if you have bought recent domain in 99 cent coupon, then buy next one in 1.10$ coupon, this also help me to buy more domains in less cost.

Second Hack For Buying More Domain

This is another method for buying more domains, this is a little bit confusing, for this method follow procedure properly.
1.    Go to and buy your first domain in one dollar,
2.    Now Godaddy will not allow you to buy more than one domain in one dollar coupon, so just close GoDaddy tab and then clear your history, cache, cookies, etc and then try again with different coupon.
3.    Now you will be able to buy domain again for one dollar, I have successfully bought more domains using this trick.


Third Hack for buying more Domain

This hack is simple and will work for everyone, but it will require little extra effort, so if you are ready than start:
1.    First of all buy a domain in one dollar from your existing Godaddy account,
2.    Now Godaddy will not allow you to get more domain in one dollar, so just be calm & clear your history, cache, cookies, etc
3.    Now create a new GoDaddy account using another email and then verify it by clicking on a link you get in your mail.
4.    Now buy your second domain from second GoDaddy account with same coupon, you will be able to buy again new domain in one dollar,
5.    After successful registration, move your domain to old Godaddy account.

In this way, you can buy as many domain as you’d like by repeating this process again and again.


A thought might come in your mind that why Godaddy is giving domain in one dollar for the first year as Godaddy himself have to pay 9$ fees to Ican, so answer to this question is that Godaddy earn a lot of money from your bought domains, when they expire and you don’t renew them, Godaddy sell them in Domain after market place through Auctions which help them to earn much more than they invest, so buying domain in one dollar will not affect Godaddy.

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