How to buy from Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress directly in Pakistan?

If you have been internet user for while you must know about eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, and Aliexpress. These-commerce giants provides you an opportunity to buy your...

If you have been internet user for while you must know about eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, and Aliexpress. These-commerce giants provides you an opportunity to buy your favorite product from million of sellers at best possible rate. Most of these sites do not directly work in Pakistan, but there are some easy methods through which you can get any product from any sites directly at your doorstep.
People want to buy from these stores but they don’t have an idea how they can buy from these stories and are their secure or not. So I decided to write in depth article to help you guys easily and confidently buy any product.


Guide on Buying From Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and Alibaba in Pakistan

As policies of all these sites are different so we will discuss these sites one by one.


eBay Work in Pakistan?

INTRO: Ebay is a US based site from where you can buy million of used and new items. Ebay concept is like that of OLX, a place where you can bid and buy used products easily, but Chinese and thousand of others sellers are selling new items too on Ebay.

Do Ebay ship to Pakistan?: Yes, you can buy hundred thousands of products from eBay. Ebay is not directly working in Pakistan but it’s up to the seller to ship or not ship to any country. Luckily there are thousands of Chinese, Hongkong and others sellers who ship to Pakistan. It means you can place order directly on Ebay and it will reach to your doorstep. Now the problem is that Ebay only works with Paypal and Payal is not available in Pakistan. Don’t worry we have three different methods using which you can buy any product from Ebay easily, which we will discuss later in this article.

Is Ebay Secure?: Yup, 100% secure. I have never found more secure site than eBay. If a product doesn’t reach you, you are entitled to full refund. If a product is broken or not as you expected then the seller will compensate you. You can even return the item if you don’t like it. Ebay have a resolution center where you can solve the problem between you and seller. If the seller doesn’t respond or not provide good service then you can ask eBay to step in and help you. They will make sure that case goes in your favour. I always use eBay confidently with trust. I have purchased thousand dollars of products from Ebay without any major problem.

Is Ebay Cheap?: I buy most of my home products from Ebay because there is a 15x price difference between local market and Ebay.

How much time does it take from Ebay to Pakistan?: As you are getting product from another country so you need to have some patience. Normally you will get the product in 15 Days but it may take longer up to one month.


Amazon Work in Pakistan or not?

Intro: Amazon is one of the world biggest e-commerce site which operates in more than 16 countries. It’s an American company with a lot of different product and services.

Doest Amazon ship to Pakistan?: Unfortunately, Amazon does not ship to Pakistan. Unlike eBay Amazon have only 3-4% sellers who are willing to ship products to Pakistan. It means you have very few products that you can buy directly from Amazon to Pakistan. I myself have never seen any product with shipping to Pakistan option so we can say there is no direct buying option from Amazon. But no worries. we have some easy methods to get products imported to Pakistan, which we will discuss later in this article.

Is shopping on Amazon secure?: If you are lucky enough to find any product with shipping to Pakistan then you can definitely buy the product as Amazon is more secure and trusted site than eBay. Sellers will always find some way to help you incase some problem arises, as their sales directly depend upon review you left on their products.

Is Amazon Cheap or costly?: Amazon pricing is on the higher side compared to eBay or any other site. The reason behind this is that you won’t find any replica or counterfeit products. Majority of the products are original and high quality which leave you with only option to buy original and best quality product.


Aliexpress Work in Pakistan?

Intro: Aliexpress is a Chinese e-commerence site where most of the sellers are Chinese. Aliexpress is sister of Alibaba which is global product supplier site. The main purpose of Aliexpress is to ship Chinese products everywhere in the world.

Does AliExpress ship to Pakistan?: Yes, you can buy almost anything from Aliexpress. It’s similar to Amazon but most of the sellers are Chinese. You can find very cheap products here. Aliexpress give you advantage to purchase products using your local debit card. You can use any Pakistani debit card which works online, for example, UBL, SCB or MCB.

TIP: You can buy products from Aliexpress at lower price and then sell those products in Pakistan on OLX and kumyu on higher prices. There are thousands of people already doing this profitable business (Do it at your own risk).

Is Aliexpress secure?: Yes, Aliexpress also provide secure shipping to Pakistan, which means sellers is responsible if you don’t get your product or product doesn’t come in good condition. Recently some problem caused delay and package loss of items sent by Aliexpress sellers, so read this ProPakistani guide before buying any product.

Is Aliexpress cheap?: Yes, as I already said Aliexpress is cheapest e-commerce site from where you can buy products at low cost. The product which cost 1500 PKR on Pakistani site will cost you only 2-3$ ( 200-300PKR) on Aliexpress.


Import from Alibaba in Pakistan

Intro: Alibaba is B2B and B2C e commerce site where big suppliers sales and buy products. They also provide other services like electronic payments and UC browser.
Products on Alibaba are much cheaper as they are on wholesale rate but most of the products are sold in bulk which means you can’t buy a single item.

Can I buy from Alibaba to Pakistan?: Yes, you can buy any product from Alibaba directly to Pakistan but as I mentioned earlier, it’s only for businesses, which buy and sell products. It’s not for consumers, you can’t buy a single item. But if you are running a small to medium business then you can order from Alibaba in bulk and sale here at a very good price. The margin is quite good, if you know how to sale. Already thousands of businesses use it in Pakistan. It removes the hassle of going to China and then buying the product for your store.

Is Aliexpress secure?: Yes, Alibaba is secure as Aliexpress.


That’s all about this site, now I will be sharing some methods to import products from eBay and Amazon which you can’t directly buy from Pakistan.


How to import product from eBay and Amazon in Pakistan?

There are three methods using which you can import any product in Pakistan from any site around the world, we will discuss one by one, starting from easiest one.


1. Use Pakistani Shipping Services

You can’t buy products directly from Amazon or eBay?, No problem. Many companies solve this problem as a service. They help you get any product from these shops directly at your doorstep but you have to pay some extra charges to these companies for their service. Different companies have different rates. Below I am sharing some famous Pakistani companies which can buy any product for you from eBay, Amzon or any other site.

I will be sharing some more services in another post.
These are Pakistani sites. You can talk directly to them on call and they will explain everything to you. You have to pay all the charges and fees in advance and no one provides cash on delivery for eBay and Amazon in Pakistan. The big advanatage of buying with these companies is that, they are responsible for custom clearance and other issues.


2. Use International Shipping services

I have seen that these Pakistani sites are charging higher fees than international companies. Below I will be sharing some international shipping companies which charges less fee. They provide you with US virtual address where you can receive your products and then they will ship directly to you for small fees with shipping charges.

These companies also provide service to buy products for you, which mean you can pay and ask them to buy any product for you from any shop in the US.
If your payment method doesn’t work with Ebay or Amazon, you just have to pay them with your local card and they will buy anything for you.


3. Buy Yourself

If your problem is payment method then don’t worry. It’s simple to create Paypal account and use your personal debit card to buy. You have to follow this procedure.

  1. First, create a fake Paypal account using fakenamegenerator details. Choose the US as a country.
  2. Then create a virtual credit card at Entropay and add that card to PayPal wallet.
  3. Add a credit to your virtual credit card and then use Paypal to buy. Paypal will directly cut money from your VCC and you can charge VCC with your local Pakistani debit card.

This way you can buy from eBay without using any third party service. You can also ask Pakistani exchangers to get Paypal balance but it takes time, effort and is also not safe.
Remember you can only buy product up to 200$ in the start as Paypal may limit your account for security reasons.


More Help and Details

How much custom I have to pay?:  Packages worth of up to 70$ are free from custom but you may have to pay custom charges depending upon package cost and category. Don’t buy Laptop, Mobile, drone or any expensive product from any international site. Custom will hold it and ask you for PTA approval and you may have to pay heavy custom duties which can be high as up to 40%. Here is how much custom you have to pay if you are importing drone (Don’t import, there will be many problems): 11% customs, 17% sales tax, 3% additional sales tax, 9% income tax.

How long it take to get an item from eBay and Aliexpress?: It depends upon different factors like seller country and shipping career. Usually it takes from 10-45 Days at most. Sometimes custom hold product for additional checking which causes delay.

What should i do, if I dont receive the product in 30 Days?: Contact seller first and he/she will resolve issue. If the problem is not solved then connect with the team and they will solve it for you.


Prohibited items

These are prohibited items and you cannot import them. Custom will confiscate it, if you import. For a full declaration, please visit destination country’s Customs Website.

Power banks, All types of aerosols, Fake money, Narcotics and drugs, Counterfeit goods, Fireworks, Furs, Jewelry, precious metals, Animals, plants, Translation of the Holy Quran without Arabic text, Alcoholic beverages, and spirits, Military weapons, Scissors, knives, Aerial Cameras,.. etc
Some goods require approval from the designated authority prior to importing into Pakistan.


Back To You

Hope you have found some helpful info here. I am sorry but custom on some of the items are too high, for example, I bought a 40$ tablet and custom asked me to pay 60$ as a duty but most of the items I purchase on eBay are free from duty. If you ever found yourself in the same situation then just return the item and ask the seller for a refund as I did. If you still have any problem then ask in comments and I will make sure to answer you. Share you experience and problem in the forum so others can get help too. Thanks for reading. Have a good day.


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