How to browse Mobile version of site on Desktop PC?

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Some websites are designed in such a way that they only work on mobile and on desktop they show limited content like waptrick, wapkid, etc, but a simple hack can be used to browse these site on desktop same like on mobile devices, webmasters can also check their sites and identify problem in their mobile version sites through this procedure.


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Change browser Agent from PC to Mobile

Browser agent is the identifier for websites which tell them about browser, its version and device from which user is browsing, when browser agent tell website that device is desktop PC, it returns desktop version but when browser agent tells that device is mobile it shows lite version, so modifying browser agent can help you to get mobile version of site on your PC.


Procedure to change browser Agent

We will use Firefox for this purpose, so open firefox on your PC and follow me.

  1. First of all download browser changing Firefox addon (user agent switcher)
  2. Install this Addon and restart your browser by closing and opening it again
  3. Now Go to Tool option and from here go to browser agent option, then click on Iphone 3.0
    user agent switcher
  4. After selecting iPhone 3.0 your browser agent will be changed automatically, now just browse and see that Google will show the mobile version.

Using this method you can browse any mobile site like Wapkid, waptrick, Mobile9 and many other.

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