10 Best Free Android Apps For Learning Languages (French, English, Spanish & More)

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Now you can learn your desired languages at home without paying a single penny. You can learn English, French, Arabic or any other language from basic to advance level and learning is very easy like you are playing a Game. You just need an android phone and internet connection through which you can download these language learning apps. Most of these apps are free while some provide trails version.

learn languages on android device with apps

What do you need?

You will need following items to learn English in advance:

  • Android phone or Tablet, (You can also use your PC as Android phone, Read this topic…)
  • Internet connection / WI-Fi
  • Access to Google Play, (All Android phones and tablets have access to Google play store, except some Nokia Android phones)


Apps For Learning Languages

These are all best apps to learn English, each app has its own use and fun.


1. Duolingo Android app

This app is an educational app which has course like normal English learning books but provides game nature for learning, it has points and rewards system to see how much you have progressed, this app have tests and lessons and is purely made for learning purpose having no ads, nor require any payments, this app is ranked as best app of 2013 at Google play store. Many institutes have confirmed that this app is best for learning languages.

This app also has an online version for PC / Laptop users.

Website : Duolingo.com

Download: PlayStore


2. Memrise languages learning app – Learn all Languages

memrise learn language android

Memrise is the best app to learn all languages with fun and joy. This is a free android app that provides courses for many languages like English, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Finish,..etc. Along these languages, you can also learn History, Science, Culture, Geography,..etc. If you are language expert then you can also submit your lessons for others to learn as this is member dependent app. This app also has points and rating system to review your study. App has both offline and online version as well as website version.

Website: www.Memrise.com

Download: From Play store


3. Babbel interactive languages learning

babbel learn language android

Babel provides an interactive learning with latest techniques, during learning you are attentive and are playing a special role. This app tries to help you learn English like playing Game. This app provides courses for 13 languages. It also has Grammar and word learning support.

Babel is available on multi-platforms, you can use it on PC or on Android/iOS.

Website: Babbel.com

Download: Babbel play store


4. Learn English, Speak English – English Talking App

english talking app learn language android

Learn English, Speak English is a beautiful and interactive app to learn English by speaking with others. The best way to learn English is to speak with others and this app provides a solution to talk with app characters. The app has the latest technology of speech reorganization which recognizes your voice and becomes able to talk with you. This app has 100 levels of learning from beginner to advanced level, I think this is the best app to learn English.

By using this app you can better your English, this app has a hundred levels of learning, more than 1800 sentences, and 1300 words.

Website: www.Speakingpal.com/

Download: From play store


5. Busuu – Learn major languages with Techniques

busuu learn language iphone

This app helps you to learn 11 languages for free which are English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Protegees, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Japanese and Chinese languages, another feature of this app is that you can talk with millions of people who have same native language that you are learning. According to developers, this app has more than 40 million users worldwide, they can help you learn the language more easily. Moreover, this app is developed on European Framework of reference and is easy for everyone to learn.

Website: www.busuu.com 

Download: Playstore


6. Translator App – Translate among 80 languages

itranslate iphone language translator app

In your daily life you have to face different types of words and you do not know from what language they are, or you have friends in other regions and you want to send the message in their native language then this app is best suited.

It provides translation for 80 languages. You can translate, speak and recognize words, this app is free and available for Android, iOS and for window 10. The name of this app is “translate app”.

Website: Itranslateapp.com

Download: Playstore


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More Apps for learning Grammar and language

Learn English Grammar: Is a free app to correct your grammar, its developed by British council so best for iLets.

Johnny Grammars Word challenge is an app developed by British Council to help improve your language skills. This is Q/A based app in which you have to answer multiple questions in less than sixty seconds.

My Word Book has great resources of vocabulary. You can learn high resources of vocabulary with their meanings. In this app, you have to learn English with flashcards and at the end, you have to recognize them with flash cards. It is updated with learner dictionary and is best for learning words

Phrasalstein: This app will try to help you to learn grammar for free.

Voxy: That’s premium learning solution to learn English from live persons, also have free sessions.


Hope this article helps you to learn languages which you like. Give your suggestions for improvements and if you any better app then tell me in the comment box.

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