Best Free CDN for WordPress Blog

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There are many free CDN to host your blog for providing fast user experience worldwide but most of them are limited with very less bandwidth but here we will share a free content delivery network that are presenting its service for free as well as premium with unlimited bandwidth plan for both, so as free plan is good for small site we should try it on blog to see difference we got in speed.


What is CDN & How it works?

CDN is network of servers worldwide to provide fast web browsing experience to users, Head CDN server first choose nearest location server for visitor and then load all content through it which reduce latency speed and web server load for better ranking and good user experience. CDN after connected to website automatically fetch all content through it and upload it to its all server so it could provide it where ever it is needed.


How much CDN cost?


CDN price vary with service provider, type of service and with traffic, normally it would be 19$ per month for small sites but here we will tell you good CDN which are offering their service without cost with little bit limitations.


Best Free CDN Provider list

You may have heard that there is nothing free but some folks are providing their service for free as they want that you upgrade their service after you set up properly, so these are some top free CDN service provider you can use for new blogs and sites.

  • CloudFlare
  • Incapsula
  • CoralCDN
  • SwarmCDN
  • jsDelivr


How CDN are Ranked?

CDN are ranked on the basis of their speed and number of servers worldwide, more the servers around the globe more will be coverage so when you are buying CDN consider these two main things.

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Which one should i choose?


ou may be thinking which one should you choose, you can check all of listed above CDN but the best two free which i found are Cloudflare and Incapsula, as they provide best service without any bandwidth limitations, Cloudflare is professional CDN having many benefits for site including load balancing, make site always live and high class security where Incapsula provide CDN with high number of server, login protect and minify service for free, so here we will try Incapsula and will see its performance and use.

Incapsula CDN and service

Incapsula is Good CDN provider with many servers around the globe, they are highly Qualified in content Delivery and have many other services with CDN, there free CDN offers following free features.

  • Free Bot Protection
  • Login protection
  • Content Delivery with more than 23 location around the Globe
  • Minifying
  • Community Support

How to use Incapsula CDN?


So today we are going to try Incapsula CDN on our WordPress blog, remember that there is different way for each CMS here in this post i am only using it for WordPress, so lets follow me if you want to use and check it.


Instructions for setting up Incapsula CDN

  1. First of all, go to their homepage and sign up for their service, then verify your mail, after that open your account and click on Add new site.
  2. Now add url of your site and submit it, hey will ask you for name server changing, note name server for which they asked.
  3. Now Install “W3 Total cache WordPress plugin“, which is best plugin for speeding website through caching,
  4. After you have installed it go to its setting page and enable cache and minifying.
  5. Now Enable CDN from this page,
  6. In sub menu you can see CDN option, click on it and after it opens put mirror name server that incapsula have provided.
  7. Now click on Test for testing, if it says “Test passed” it means you have successfully connected to CDN, now save setting and refresh incapsula page to see change,
  8. Now go to website speed checking site like GTmatrix or pingdom and put your site URL there, see whats speed and grade difference you have gained.

That’s all, you have done but you should remember that this is just free trail account and it is only suitable for small site with volume up to 5MB/s, if you have large site then change your plan or chose another CDN that you like.

Hope that’s help you, share this with your friends and keep coming to our blog for latest informative articles.

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