How to Automatically Watermark Images in WordPress?

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Watermarking Image protects your right plus also increase your online popularity, adding watermark to every image is very difficult but when it comes to WordPress it become very easy due to flexibility of WordPress, WordPress plugins can do everything for you by using simple free watermarking WordPress plugin you can easily watermark all images you upload to your website, all image files are automatically watermarked as they are uploaded to library.

I have seen many plugins in WordPress directory but only found easy watermark working and helpful, so you should give it a try.


Easy Watermark For WordPress

Easy Watermark
Easy Watermark
Price: Free

Easy watermark is free WordPress plugin that helps you to easily add watermark to your images, it works very simply and is completely free available in WordPress respiratory, you can download it from below link.


Plugin features

  • watermark jpg, png or gif images.
  • full support for transparency.
  • Text color, size, and rotation can be set.
  • all built-in image sizes can be watermarked (thumbnail, medium, large and fullsize) as well as all additional, sizes registered by themes or plugins
  • jpg files, gif files and text can have opacity set (from 0 to 100%)
  • text watermark is created using ttf fonts
  • Possibility to remove watermark by restoring the original image


Have any Question or Problem? - Ask me on the Forum and I will answer you personally for free.

Instructions for using Easy WaterMark

  1. First install and activate Easy Watermark on your WordPress site,
  2. Then Go to Settings >> Easy WaterMark
  3. On this page you can select options like Auto watermarking, Backups, image type & Watermark type, make settings according to your needs,


  4. Now if you have selected Text watermark Type go to Text Tab to set its settings and if you have image watermark go to image tab to set image watermarking settings,
  5. On this page you can select opacity, text/image and many other options as shown in image, you should set it according to your needs.


  6. Now save settings and go to new post and then upload new image and see difference.

Remember that this plugin add watermark to original images, so if you need to save original images then allow backups in plugin setting for restoring in future otherwise it would be impossible.

Hope you found this article interesting and helpful, your comments and suggestions are important for us.

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