How to Apply For Payoneer EU Payment Service and how to use it?

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euro-payment-service-by-payoneerPayoneer the global payment service have now introduce EU payment service for its users to easily receive payment from European countries through its European payment system, all of its users can easily apply and get excess to EU payment service to receive their payments.


How to Apply For Payoneer EU payment service?

Its simple to apply for payoneer EU payment service, if you have an existing account then go and check that there is EU payment option or not under “Receive payments” tab in account, if there isn’t then you can simply apply through given procedure but if there is already option you can use directly without applying again.

  1. First open Chat from Payoneer support,
  2. Then wait for few minutes to connect, normally it takes 5-10 minutes but it can take longer too, depending upon Que,
  3. When connected, tell them that you need EU payment service and they will ask you few questions related to your account, answer them all,
  4. Now they will ask you that either you want to receive plastic card or only virtual card for online shopping, better is to get plastic card as you may not be able to withdraw funds from your EU account depending upon your location where bank transfer is not allowed,
  5. After approval they will send you verification email and in less then one hour  you will see EU payment option in account tab,
  6. Your plastic card will arrive in next 10 days depending upon postal service.

How to use Payoneer EU payment system?

After your EU payment account service was approved you will see bank details in your account under “EU payment service”, Payoneer will provide your Germany bank virtual account that you can use to withdraw money from selected companies but not from individuals.


What details are provided by Germany bank?

Payoneer will provide you following bank details, which you can send to your company for receiving payments:

  • Bank Name
  • BIC (swift-BIC)
  • IBAN
  • Bank Name

This information is sufficient enough to receive payment from any EU company like Google, yes you can also use it to receive money from Google Adsense while you are in any other country.

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Some More FAQ About Payoneer EU payments

1- Why Payoneer send me another card, if i have one?

Payoneer sends you another card because old Payoneer card have dollar currency but new one have Euro currency.

2- Can i transfer money between these cards?

No, Payoneer at this moment do not have this service, you have to withdraw respective money from respective card.

3- Which Currency does new Payoneer card have?

New Payoneer card have Euro currency.

4- Is there any extra charges for Payoneer EU payment service?

Payoneer support confirmed that they do not charge single penny for sending new card and for new payment service, perhaps you have to pay other fees.

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