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afreesms alternatives

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Have you ever used AfreeSMS online text messaging service? If yes, then you must have noticed that sometimes the service does not work for many and then you have to search for AfreeSMS alternatives that offer similar features like AfreeSMS website provides.

But now there is no need to search further because here in this article we have listed some of the best AfreeSMS alternatives to send free SMS worldwide without requiring you to register, install any software on your computer, or requiring a single penny. All of these websites uses an easy to use web interface to send free SMS to any mobile number around the world.

afreesms alternatives

To send a free SMS message to any number, all you have to do is access the SMS messaging service website, select the country or country code of the SMS recipient, enter the recipient’s mobile number in the correct format, enter your message into the message box, input correct captcha code for verification, and then press the Send button. Rest of the task will be handled by the SMS messaging service website.

AfreeSMS Alternatives

Here we have listed all the working AfreeSMS alternatives that allows you to send free SMS to any mobile phone carrier around the worldwide. You can give a try to each of them one by one to check which SMS service is working for your targeted area.


#01 – M Free SMS

M Free SMS is an online text messaging service provider whose services exists on the Internet since 2013. The website allows any user to send unlimited SMS messages to any mobile number around the world without any requirement to register or necessity to provide any personal detail.

send free sms

The easy to use web interface of MFreeSMS service asks user to select a country name of the SMS recipient, enter the mobile phone number in given format, enter your message in under 130 characters, then complete the captcha verification, and then click on the “Send SMS” button to send the message.

Apart from providing free SMS sending services, this website also allows its users to receive SMS messages right onto the website through their web interface.


#02 – Pump SMS

Pump SMS is one of the most popular and trustworthy online messaging service that is actively providing its services to its users since 2011. This website promises to deliver your SMS message to any mobile phone numbers in over 200 countries.

Sms worldwide with pump sms

The requirements for sending a SMS to a mobile number are identical to that of AfreeSMS. What varies is the character limit in the message body. Pump SMS will allow you to type no more than 100 characters in a single SMS.

To make their free short messaging service more reliable, the creators have provided two different servers for sending a SMS. So in case server number one is not working then you can use server number two to send your SMS.

Furthermore, Pump SMS have a number of other features too! Those includes multimedia messaging service, SMS receiving service, bulk messaging, mobile phone network lookup, and free calling to limited countries.


#03 – Slide SMS

Slide SMS is another reliable SMS messaging service that allows you to send free short messages to any local and international mobile phone number.

slide sms

The messaging interface of Slide SMS is pretty much identical to the interface of other online SMS service providers. But it doesn’t require you to select recipient’s country but you need to enter the mobile phone number along with the country code.

Just like M Free SMS, the interface of Slide SMS also allows you to enter 130 characters in the SMS message box. This means, about 30 characters would be used by the messaging service for their own advertisement in the message footer.


#04 – Glob Fone

Glob Fone is the popular and reliable short messaging service that will allow you to conveniently send unlimited free SMS to any mobile phone number around the world. In addition to free SMS service, Glob Fone allows you to share file, video chat, and make free calls right from the Internet.

glob phone

The interface Glob Fone provides is a little bit different from the others in this list. In the first step, you need to select the country of recipient and enter his/her mobile phone number. Once entered, click on the “Next” button to head over to the type message box. Then put a tick on “I’m not a bot” option. Now click on “Next” button to begin sending your SMS to your recipient.

The interface takes about sixty seconds to successfully send your message to the recipient. Once sent, it will confirm you the name of recipient’s mobile network as well as the delivery status of your SMS message.

Interestingly, Glob Fone’s free SMS service will allow you to type up to 140 characters in your message, which is higher than any other messaging service featured in our list, making it one of the best AfreeSMS alternatives.

Stop…!  Now I am going to tell you some amazing free sites to make free online calls, so don’t wait for SMS reply, just call any one using the below mentioned services.

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Sites to Make Free Calls online

Call2Friends: is amazing site to make free calls online, at this time it is limited to only some countries but don’t worry it supports most of the countries including US, UK, Canada, India, Pakistan, etc

Ievaphone: is another free call service provider to make online calls they have less restrictions then call2friends, but both have time and countries restrictions, but don’t worry at the end of this article is a way to make unlimited free calls online with these services.

Make online calls and save your hard earned money.

Hope this help, if not then freely comment below and I will try to figure out in seconds. Thanks 🙂

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