Adsense vs Taboola vs Outbrain – Which one is better?

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Adsense is one of best network for publishers to earn money from their content, AdSense shows image and text advertising on publisher sites and in return publisher earn money from clicks generated by users, while Taboola & outbrain are new companies for publishers to earn money from native advertising, Taboola & Outbrain work in a different way than Adsense, these companies show native advertising like related content links to promote advertiser content,  these three networks are famous and trusted by millions of big publishers worldwide.

Publishers can use Adsense and native advertising both on their site to boost revenue while some publishers still thinking that either they should use Taboola, outbrain or only Adsense, so here is quick comparison of these three networks to learn more about them.

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Ads Type Image, Text, Search, Flash, Video Native Ads (Releated Content) Native Ads (Releated Content)
Marketing Type PPC, CPM, CPA PPC PPC
Ads Design Attractive Adult Adult
CPC (Average) 0.10 – 50$ 0.01 – 1$ 0.01 – 1$
CTR (Average) At the most 6% (high traffic sites) 19% avrg 12 – 15% avrg
Fill Rate 100% 70% 50%
Ad Targeting Advanced BasicBasic
Ad Customization Color, type, size Size, layout Size Layout
Ads Type
Risky Strict Normal Normal
Support Average through Email Good Good
Trust 100% 70% 80%
Avalibity For All Small & Big Publishers For Publishers with more than 10M Pageviews/month For big Publishers only
Account Approval DifficultHardDifficult

These are the most important aspects publishers should consider before joining any network, What is your experience about these networks, share with me in a comment.

Conclusion: Adsense is the only choice for small publishers while big publishers can enjoy other networks too, big publishers should consider using both native and direct advertising to boost their revenue.

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