Adsense VS – Which one you should use?

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Undoubtfully there is no true alternative to Adsense except which at least comes near to Adsense in term of payments. is premium Ad network working only with Quality publishers, most of their publishers belong to US as they focus mainly  on US, UK & Canada Market, here we have compared Adsense with to give some important insight about both networks.

Which Network Do you prefer?


FeaturesMedia Dot NetAdsense
Partner Eligibility
  • Majority of Traffic should be from US and other Tier 1 countries.
  • Site should be content based only.
  • Should have decent amount of visitors.
  • Site should be primarily in English.
  • Traffic can be from any country.
  • Any legal Type of site is accepted including web apps.
  • Work with small publishers too.
MonitoringNot Too much strict, they won’t ban you as fast as Adsense for violation.Highly Strict for small publishers and new accounts.
  • Pay on CPM basis, but requires you to have a good number of ad clicks.
  • RPM is between 1$ to Max 5$.
  • You can earn more from than Adsense, if your majority traffic is from Tier one countries.
  • Pay on Click basis.
  • You can generate handsome amount of earning with Adsense too.
Advertisers/Ad QualityMostly Good Quality of Advertisers and Ads.Both Good and bad ads, depend on traffic and niche type.
SupportGood for all type of Publishers.No support for newbies, Email support for small publishers & Chat for large publishers.
Parent CompanyYahoo & BingGoogle inc
Ads Customisation/Dashboard & Reporting
  • You can customise look and feel of your ads.
  • Dashboard is neat and clean with earning overview.
  • Reporting system is not good as Adsense, no real time updates as it is updated once 24 hours.
  • Advance customisation.
  • Real Time reports with overview of everything on Dashboard.
  •  Minimum Payout is 100$.
  • No need of any further clarifications.
  • 30 Net Payout basis.
  • Payment Method is Paypal & Wire Transfer.
  •  Same Minimum payout of 100$.
  • Tax & Address verification is required.
  • 21 Net payout basis.
  • Payment Method is Wire Transfer, Western Union, Bank Transfer,..etc
What’s Good?
  • High-Quality Ads.
  • More Earning from Ads in some niches compared to Adsense.
  •  Unlimited Ad inventory.
  • High-Quality Ads and industry standard.
 What’s Bad?
  •  You can only use Ads on approved site only.
  • Hard to get approval for new sites.
  • Sometime Strict Monitoring system disable accounts without proper reason.
  • Support is not good as it should be.
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It seems that both networks are fair enough to use so which one you should choose?, Adsense, or Both, probably both if you got approval, will help you to get some extra bucks from your content, you can put ads under content and Adsense ads at any other suitable place, it’s enough to have one ad unit for most of the sites.

Tip: You can also use Taboola for Native Advertising.

You will find hard luck to get approval at first try unless you have very high-quality site so don’t worry about that and focus on your site, one or another day you will receive email from a company if your site got some value in online market.

I myself use Adsense as mainstream for monetization, no one can beat Adsense so what do you say?, will you use as a primary ad network or secondary?, let me know in comments.

Which Network Do you prefer?

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