Adsense Policies Every Indian & Pakistani Should Know

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Due to a lot of recent Adsense Bans & Policy violations in Pakistan/India, the Adsense team thought to let publishers know why they are banning account and how they can protect their account, for that reason they have managed an online webinar on YouTube (which I will embed below) and answer most of the things, they have tried to cover almost everything people have in their mind, so watch this video and spread with the your fellow publishers.

Some of the most important Questions they have Answered are:

Is sticky Ad are allowed?

NO, sticky ads are not allowed for everyone, if you think you have lot of space on your site which is empty and should have Ad their, then you can contact Adsense team to ask them white-label sticky Ad for you, you can’t use it before approval.

How many number of Adsense units are allowed?

According to the team, only 3 image/Text units are allowed (Ad links, search, and other units are not counted in this), but you can get fourth sticky Ad after approval from Adsense Team.

Have any Question or Problem? - Ask me on the Forum and I will answer you personally for free.

Is there something Like Adsense Premium Account?

No, actually there isn’t anything like a premium adsense account which many Adsense masters try to tell you, the spoke person said that all accounts are treated as premium but we all know big sites are treated different than small publishers.

Hope, this video will help most of us, your feedback and comments are apperictiated.

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