Earn Handsome Money with Adsense For Search (ASF)

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Now you can also start earning from your search traffic just by using AdSense custom search ads (AFS), which is quite different from Adsense custom search engine, Adsense custom search engine allows you to make search engine to show your site result with google ads in google style, but what to do when we have to display search result in our own format with different types of meta information that can help user to get more relevant result, so to overcome with this problem Google have introduced Adsense custom search ads, which show ads in your search style and do not have any search result included, but it is currently limited with only a few category sites, which are given below:

  • E-commerce
  • Classified
  • Jobs
  • Real Estate
  • Travel
  • Local
  • Mobile search Result sites & Apps


To get Adsense Custom Search Ads permission for your site, you must have site in above listed categories, after approval, you will be able to completely modify the search ads in your own style, which will increase your search ad revenue up to 80%.
Here I tell you secret that Adsense for search pays much better than AdSense for content because of higher cpc, so why you are wasting your search traffic, just utilize it and start earning now, further I will also tell you top sites earning big with this program.


How to apply for Adsense Custom Search Ads?

To apply for custom search Ads follow procedure.

  1. Open this form and fill accurately in all fields like name, publisher id and site result page, etc
  2. Submit this form by clicking on submit button.
  3. If your site qualify, google will approve your account and will notify you in one week, but if your site does not qualify, google will never reply back with any information.


How to generate code for AFS ads?

You must be able to get query from user by use of Javascript, then apply below procedure to start using AdSense for search on your site, you might need developer help for using it properly, as you have to do little bit coding, it’s not simple as Adsense other ads unit which need copy/paste only.

  1. Just go to this ad generator page and start creating ad in your search style.
  2. After that ad code will be given to you, you just have to add it in your coding and change query tag with user search query and it will start working. it will show ads just like Ads on Google.com



What are limitations of AFS?

  • You must use AFS only for the search result, you can not place ad code in content or any where else.
  • Ad query must be from a user, it should not be modified in any way.
  • You should not force users to search on your site.
  • Maximum of 3 ad units can be used.

For more Custom Search Ads polices visit here.


Have any Question or Problem? - Ask me on the Forum and I will answer you personally for free.

Top earning sites with Adsense Custom Search Ads

  • OLX.com
  • Ask.com
  • About.com

This is a chance to boost your current site earning, but if you have a simple site with simple search result, then Adsense custom search engine will be enough for you and it will pay you same as Adsense search Ads.

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